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Flashback Friday: Lauren, This Is Your Birth Story


Dear baby Lauren,

Looking at you sleeping peacefully in your crib now, I could hardly believe you were just in my womb 24 hours ago.

It all started on Thursday morning when I woke up with contractions. You are my first child, so I had always wondered if I could tell the real ones from Braxton Hicks. People had said to me, I can definitely tell once it hits. And yes, I knew. But I was still reluctant to head to the hospital, fearing they might send me home and be disappointed.

I had planned to meet aunty Doris for lunch and shopping in Ion Orchard. I met her at 12pm for prawn mee at Beach Rd, and that was when I started counting the contractions. They were 10 mins apart, lasting about 50 seconds. I wanted to continue with shopping but aunty Doris advised me to give Dr Wee a call first. I told him about my contractions and he asked me to go to his clinic to check it out instead of going straight to the hospital. I called your daddy and told him, “It may be happening today, and I’m going to Dr Wee’s clinic. But don’t leave work yet. I’ll call you when I’m sure.”

When Dr Wee first saw me, he commented that I was either having false contractions or very strong because I looked very relax. I could still joked and laughed in between contractions. I told him it was not very painful and I felt fine. I also told Doris at that point that maybe I could go without epidural. The contractions was bearable. I spoke too soon. After being put on the CTG machine and have my cervix checked, even the doctor was surprised to find that I was already 2.5cm dilated and I was to go to the hospital right away.

Somehow I knew it would take some time before you arrive, I made a stop at Cedele to have a chocolate banana cake. Yes, I have been craving cakes and that was possibly the last time I have a perfect excuse to indulge. I called your dad between mouthfuls of cake; and he was to meet us at the hospital.

I admitted to the antenatal ward upon arriving at Thomson Medical Centre. It was because I wanted be able to walk around instead of being bed-ridden. We spent the rest of the evening just chatting, eating, sharing the good news via whatsapp with your grandma and gu-gu in Sydney and yi-yi in KL.

hospital birth story
Hanging out at the ward. 

Dr Wee arrived to check on me again at 8pm and found that I was only 3cm dilated. We were given the option to either wait it out (which might take an entire day) or hurry things up by bursting your waterbag or inserting a prostaglandin tablet. Dad and I decided on tablet, which was administered at 9pm. As soon as it was inserted, it felt stingy and the contractions that followed got stronger and more intense. By 10pm, I was crying for epidural.

They immediately transferred me to the labour suite and called the anesthetist. I was writhing and screaming in pain. I held on to the laughing gas mask like it was my lifeline. I had also started shaking uncontrollably. Thankfully your dad was there with me. He offered me his hand to squeeze, massaged my back, wiped my sweat, joked at bad timings, so I laughed in the middle of contractions and forgot about the pain, and held the vomit bowl. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

hospital birth story
Mid contraction. That’s daddy’s hand.

The anesthetist finally arrived at 12:30am and I was given the epidural. My lower body went totally numb but I was still able to wriggle my toes. Weird feeling. From then on, I drifted in and out of sleep, possibly too high from the gas earlier. The nurses continued to monitor my heart rate and contractions every half hour or so.

You dad took this opportunity to get some naps on the couch next to my bed. We shut off all the lights but got told off by the nurse. Apparently some lights has to be left on. Oops!

At 5am, all lights were suddenly switched on and 2 nurses started propping me up to push. They said I was already 10cm dilated. They guided me thru breathing and pushing. I wasn’t sure if I was pushing right but they said they can see the top of your head already. I could feel your head was slowly coming down the birth canal at this point but I had to stop the urge to push until Dr Wee gets there.

Thankfully, Dr Wee arrived just in time and you were born after just 3 pushes!

Baby, I fell in love with you instantly and I promise to continue to always love you and protect you.


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