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How to Make Wilma Flintstone Halloween Costume

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halloween costume

Halloween is just around the corner but you have nothing to wear? No worries, I made mine and my 1-year-old’s in under 2 hours and it cost me  all of $13.50. Before you proceed to think I’m a crafty mum with mad sewing skills, don’t worry, there is no sewing involved! I’m totally hopeless when it comes to needlework, I actually sent my high school’s home economics project to a tailor.

First, go to a fabric shop and get a white cotton fabric that is not too thin or transparent. I’m a UK size 8 and I needed 3 meters to make 2 toga dresses. One for me and one for my 1-year-old.

Once you get home, lay out your fabric on a large working surface. You can see that I did this on my baby’s playmat. Put a loose fitting dress of yours on the edge of the fabric, and fold over the fabric twice. So you’ll have 4 layers of fabric (I did 4 pieces of fabric because I wanted to line my dress – 1 layer of white would be too thin or transparent). Remember to leave about 1 inch on each side. This is where the tape would go. Cut the excess fabric off.

Cut off a shoulder, making sure you have enough fabric to tie a ribbon on the shoulder. Cut a ‘ ) ‘ shape on the other side as the arm hole.

I forgot to take a photo of how mine looked like after the shoulder is cut. Here is a baby’s version.

Line up your layers together. Using fabric double-sided sticky tape (it may have a proper name but I’m calling it as it is), glue along all the side seams. Iron the tape onto the edge of one layer (pictured below), let the glue melt into the fabric and peel the tape off, leaving the sticky side on the fabric. Lay another fabric on top and iron over it. Make sure you leave the arm hole open.

Once you have stuck the sides together, turn the dress inside out. Try it on, and determine if the shoulder and arm hole sits well. If not, keep trimming until you are satisfied. Depending on how short you want your dress, cut zig zag along the bottom of the dress. Your dress is done!

I repeated the steps above for Lauren’s dress. The only difference is that hers is not lined, makes it even easier. Wilma and Pebble Flintstones are now ready to party!

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