Up till last month, my friends were saying my bump was too small for being 4 months pregnant. My part time helper didn’t even realize I’m expecting until today, at my 22nd week. My belly just doubled in size in over a month.

20 weeks pregnant
Instagram selfie taken at 20 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks!

Baby Size: About the size of a butternut squash.

Weight gain: None. I lost over 4 kg in the first trimester. So just got back to my original weigh.

Maternity clothes: Regular zip and button pants are getting a little tight now. I squeezed myself in my favourite shorts for lunch for the last time today. But I could still fit in my regular dresses. Ha!

Stretch marks: I still have lots from the first pregnancy. Would the stretch happens along the same lines and not create more marks? *Feeling hopeful and helpless at the same time*

Sleep: 17 months old Lauren is finally sleeping through the night but I’m getting up every 3 hours to pee.

Gender: Another girl! A sister for Lauren. Yay!

Movement: Strong kicks started at 20th weeks. An night owl this one. Happens most during midnight.

Food cravings: Mangoes.

Symptoms: Varicose veins is worse than the first pregnancy. I can feel the pressure on my legs when I stand. But it’ll disappear as soon as the baby is out, so am not worried. Belly button is popping out and is now flat again. Other than that, all good 🙂

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