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Stroller Review: Combi MiracleTurn Elegant


My second girl, Georgia turned 8 months old and getting heavier by the day. Taking her out in a sling for more than 20 minutes gives me a dead shoulder. So I’m more than excited to receive a Combi MiracleTurn Elegant for the purpose of this review.

Combi MiracleTurn Elegant is luxury standard stroller that has an almost flat reclinable seat. Most standard sized strollers are only suitable for babies aged 6 months and above. This is because babies haven’t gained sufficient neck strength to hold their head up prior to that. With MiracleTurn Elegant, it accommodates a child from 1 month up to 3 years old. It is a great option if you want to buy only one stroller. Weighing at 7.9kg, it is light compared to most standard sized strollers, especially one with a reversible seat.

Main Features

Seat height

combi strollers

I’ve never thought about the importance of seat height until I use this stroller. You can see that comparing to our old Bonbebe, the seat is much higher at 58cm off the ground. It is easier on my lower back because I don’t need to bend too much to pick Georgia in and out of the seat. It may not make such a big difference when your baby is young. But try lifting a toddler that weights more than 12kg, you would know what I mean.

The higher seat also increases intimacy. It allows your child to be facing and be closer to you. The seat is well padded and made with high quality materials. I love the one-hand lever recline that goes to almost flat position for a newborn.

By the way, the entire seat fabric and footmuff (yup, comes with a foot cover too for windy days) can be removed from frame for cleaning.

Easy Folding

stroller review
Simply release the safety lock, pull the folding lever up and lift!

One of the thing I like best about this stroller is how easy it is to fold and store. Our old stroller is so hard to fold, we mostly just leave it as it is. So it takes up lots of room at my front door.  This one literally takes 2 seconds. The standing fold is also a bonus for storage.


It has 8 big air cell cushion tires and the auto swivel wheels makes it easy to tackle tight supermarket aisles and corners. It feels very responsive and has fast responsive turns compared to my old stroller which is actually lighter in weight.

Anti Vibration System

good strollers
The combination of large air tires with an effective anti vibration system offers great total suspension. Bump and rough terrain are handled with ease with minimal impact passed onto baby.

Other features that I like are:

combi stroller review

The huge canopy that goes down almost reaching the seat. I like to think that it is keeping all the nasty viruses, distractions and busy-bodies out when baby Georgia is taking her nap in the stroller. It has a peekaboo window too.

The handle grip is easily adjustable. It’s great for taller or shorter parents. No more excuses for my 6’2″ husband for hunching over while pushing the stroller.

I like the fact that I just need to reverse the handle bar to face the child outwards or towards me. Some strollers require the child to be taken out to reverse the seat, which could be problematic if my child has fallen asleep.

The Air Through System is perfect for our hot weather here in Singapore. If you have lifted a child up from a stroller and found her back all sweaty and wet, you’d know what I’m talking about.

stroller review

The 5 point harness is locked in 2 pieces which makes it really quick to strap my kid on.

This thoughtful stroller also has an automatic wheel switching system that locks the back wheels and unlock the front wheels when you reverse the handle bar.


No cup holder or tray as I almost always need some place to hold the baby bottle upright.

No where to hang my shopping bags. According to the manual, I’m not supposed to hang anything on the stroller to avoid from it tipping over. I’m ashamed to say this, but sometimes the only reason I take my child along on a grocery shopping run is so I can hang things on the stroller.

Anyway, MiracleTurn Elegant does come with a large basket underneath the seat. It fits 2 big grocery bags and a small handbag.

Premium price at $829, the Combi MirackeTurn Elegant is almost everything you could ask for. Good looking, lightweight, easy folding, comfortable seats and smooth ride with great suspension for your little one. It is available in bordeaux red and murrey purple.

combi stroller

It is available at major departmental stores, baby shops and Combi showroom at 732 North Bridge Road Singapore 198700. Tel: 6291 1183

Thanks Combi for the great stroller!

PS: How to choose a stroller.


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