This post is for those of you who have ever wondered what I do at home all day. Well, maybe you haven’t but I thought it would be fun to document this stage of life before one of the kids starts school and the routine changes. So here is my typical weekday:

Between 7:30am to 8:30am
My first moment of consciousness each day is marked by a dig into my nose, or belly button, or Lauren’s favourite – swinging a heavy leg over my very full bladder. Most days, I try my best to ignore her and delay waking up. Today, I made a mistake of taking a peep with one eye. Her chubby face filled my vision and I heard a loud “GOOD MORNING, MOMMY!!”.

8:30am to 9:00am
I roll out of bed half awake and and stagger into the living room to find Georgia. She is usually found in a pile of toys. She is normally awake by 7am and my helper, Amor would have changed and fed her by now. If she haven’t, I’ll scoop her up and carry her into the bedroom to nurse her. This means I get another 10 minutes of shut eye.

Today, she has been fed. So it is breakfast time for Lauren and I. Breakfast is usually something simple like a cup of yogurt with rolled oats or peanut butter/cheese sandwich or milo with rolled oats (which I called chocolate oatmeal, so it sounds like dessert for breakfast and Lauren is totally on board with the idea.)

I brush my teeth after breakfast. You might be totally grossed out now but I just don’t get why clean your mouth only to dirty it again with breakfast. So I do it the other way round. I also wash my face, put on some mosturiser and sunscreen if I’m heading out.

9:30 to 11am
This is when we head out for swimming classes, playdates, playgym or just out for a walk to the library or shops. They are not attending anything regular at the moment but 3 out of 5 days a week, we would have something on.

Otherwise, we stay home and just hang out. Lauren plays with her playdoh set, does her jigsaw puzzle or paints. Sometimes, all at once. I like to think she is learning how to multitask.

Meanwhile, Georgia is happy just crawling around, pulling everything down from my open shelves, because you know, that’s a 9 months old’s responsibility.

I absolutely love Ellen Degeneres. If we are home at this hour, this is my ‘Ellen’ time. It is also Georgia’s morning feed and nap time. This means I’m pinned down under my brestfriend and unable to move when Lauren decides to chuck a fit because she can’t find her ‘BAH-lay” skirt. Or on a good day like today, she finds a pencil and decorates my walls. Oh well, at least I got a solid uninterrupted 20 minutes to enjoy the show.

If we are out, lunch is usually eaten out. Otherwise, my helper, Amor would cook something simple like fried rice or congee with chinese clear soup.

Georgia eats quickly. So I usually feed her first. Then, Amor, Lauren and I eat at the same time.

Lauren’s nap time. I still comfort nurse Lauren to bed. I tried weaning her off unsuccessfully. You may have read about it, but if you haven’t, here it is. It was emotionally draining on both of us. So right now, she still get the boobs.

1:30 to 4:30
Free time! Every once in a while, I join the girls for a siestas. But mostly, I use this time to run errands, and get things done for my clients. I reply emails, blog, work on my book, go to Pilates class (once a week), or if a friend want to catch up over lunch, it would have to be late lunch with me.

If I have a deadline, I’m usually still at the library or a Starbucks hatching out posts at this hour.

If I’m home, I will be giving the girls a bath at this hour. It usually takes about 20 minutes because the girls love playing with water.

Then, it is snack time for all of us. We love snack time!

I do my grocery shopping 2-3 times a week. It is something that I enjoy but I suspect someone else in the family enjoys it even more. She insists on carrying her own basket, because you know, she is on a mission. She knows exactly where to find her ‘surprise eggs’.

We stop by the playground for Lauren to have a run around. Georgia loves the slide too. This baby is kinda fearless. She has no qualms going down the slide on her own at 9 months old. Lauren on the other hand, only started enjoying the slide at one and a half years old.

Lauren and Georgia have their dinner at 7pm. Lauren eats everything we eat, so we only need to prepare Georgia’s purees separately.

Nick gets home around 7ish, sometimes 8. So we have our dinner rather late. Although Amor is able to cook most of my recipes by now, I plan our daily meals and supervise her when she is cooking. My go-to dinners are roast chicken, meatballs spaghetti, steamed fish, chicken curry, baked salmon, and chinese clear soup. We have clear soups for every meal.

After dinner, we play/read with the kids for a while before I bring Georgia to her room for her night feed. Sometimes she falls asleep straightaway, sometimes she needs a little shushing and patting to fall asleep.

At times, the kids climb onto Nick’s lap and watch MTV on his PC. Lauren totally knows the lines to Uptown Funk and Fancy. Her latest play again and again song is Grateful.

Lauren sleeps at 10pm. Although she can’t tell the time yet, but she knows instinctively that it is her bedtime. She comes to me, asks for her “Brae breast, noo night”, kisses her daddy and makes her way to the bedroom. Sometimes, she skips all that and quietly makes her way to her bed and covers herself with the blanket. And I’d hear, “MAAMMYYYY!!”. I lie down with her until she falls asleep, sometimes it takes 15 minutes, at times up to an hour.

Ahh.. finally both kids are asleep. Nick and I veg out in front of the telly, with snacks in between us. Chips, chocolates, nuts, and sometimes bak kwa too. We are currently watching The Good Wife, Shark Tank, Mad Men and House of Cards.

Sometimes we would be working on our respective laptops, pausing in between to ask each other’s opinions on things, discuss work issues or business ideas.

We do this until one of us declares he/she is very sleepy and we head to bed together.

So that’s it! This is what I do all day, on most days. Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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