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Eyebrow Embroidery at Browtisan


eyebrow embroidery singapore

The night before I went down to Browtisan, I told Nick that I’m getting eyebrow embroidery, he was like, “No! Those ugly tattooed brow?”

“No, it is not like that. This is supposed to be more natural, done strand by strand.” I replied, sounded very sure.

The truth is, I was still very nervous. I’ve spent many months reading MANY articles and blog post about eyebrow embroidery and I still wasn’t 100% convinced. Is it really painless? Will it be natural looking? Damn it, if I hate the shape of the brow, it is PERMANENT!!!! I later found out it lasts only a few years, but still.

I had decided to take the plunge. I can’t go around with two half brows anymore. I’m seen the transformations on some of my fellow mommy bloggers, and they look good. I want nice brows too, and I want it from the best.

I deduced that the best place to get my eyebrow done is Browtisan. Yes, the service at Browtisan is sponsored but I received a couple of offers for the same service before. I turned them down because I wasn’t sure. I mean, eyebrows are very important features. I’m not about to let just anyone touch them just because it is free. If they stuff it up, I will end up looking angry or just plain weird, all the time.

See these beautiful eyebrows done at Browtisan, and tell me you are not tempted.

Nice, right?


I’ve done my research. All Browtisan’s customers are happy. The owner, Coco has been in the industry for 21 years and she used to be a trainer in beauty school specialising in eyebrow embroidery. She was also a judge at the Annual Asia Art of Eyebrow Competition last year. I didn’t know there’s such competition either.


eyebrow embroidery singapore

Ok, enough with my rambling and let me share some photos of the day that changed my life. I’m being dramatic. Let me try again. Here are some photos taken at Browtisan, the day I said goodbye to my eyebrow pencil forever. Or a least for the next few years.

Eyelash extension

Coco carefully explained the different types of eyelashes shapes that are available at Browtisan and suggested the one that she thinks works best for the shape of my eyes. I happily agreed with her recommendation. After my eyelashes are curled up using a warm eyelash curler, each lash was glued on one by one to my natural lashes. The whole procedure took an hour. In the meantime, Coco also put on a pair of eye mask for me. She is so thoughtful like that. The result is sexy, long lashes that makes my eyes appear bigger and fresh. I absolutely love it.
eyelash singapore


Eyebrow embroidery

To save time, numbing cream was applied half way through the eyelash extension procedure. It takes about 30 minutes to take effect. Coco then ‘designed’ my eyebrow for me, based on my bone structure, complexion, natural brow hair direction. She drew the shape with an eyebrow pencil and asked for my opinion. This procedure alone took 40 minutes. It is very important to get the shape right before we go ahead with the ’embroidery’. I was at first a bit reluctant with the thicker, straighter brow that she designed for me. But now I’m glad I listened to her.
After agreeing to the shape, we proceeded to the treatment room. Eyebrow embroidery is done on the epidermis (superficial) layer of the skin with minimum intrusion, so you shouldn’t see any blood in the entire process. It is a semi-permanent procedure, often lasting 2 to 4 years. And it is definitely a lot more natural as compared to eyebrow tattoos.

Coco uses the latest Swiss microscopic amplification technology to ensure every single eyebrow stroke more refined, accurate, and detailed. All blades are brand new to ensure no cross infection.

So does it hurt? I’m sure you are thinking the same because that was my BIGGEST worry about the procedure. No, it doesn’t because numbing cream was applied before the procedure. You will feel some tugging at the skin when the blade hits the skin but it isn’t painful. However, my body seems to digest anesthesia very quickly, so towards the end when Coco was working on the last few strokes, I felt the stings. Coco immediate reapplied more numbing liquid, and the pain was gone again.`
coco qi
The incisions are done lying down and sitting up because our skin falls differently in both positions. So by being upright, Coco can assess the shape of the newly embroidered eyebrow more accurately. She checked and rechecked many times. I gotta give it to her for being super meticulous.
Done! See how natural each strand looks!


Home aftercare and recovery

Using the gel and tape Coco provided, I carefully apply it over the eyebrows before washing my face. I went to bed with the brows still feeling a little raw, and a little stingy too. Nick was impressed that it looks so natural.


Above photo shows how the brow looks like the very next morning. It has darken and thicken as the area is a little swollen. I woke up feeling slightly better. It doesn’t hurt or stings anymore but I’m still aware that it is there. It’s like you have cut yourself, it no longer hurts but it didn’t completely go away either. I also found 3 lashes on my pillow. No washing face in the morning. Just a good, careful wipe.

I went out to a playdate fearing people might stare but my friend said she was more mesmerised by my long and luscious eyelashes to notice the eye brow. Haha!

By day 3, I was totally nailing the ‘water protection’ process. It took me less than a minute. I’m also getting used to the dark and bushy eyebrow look. Oh so very Cara Delevingne.

By day 5, the scabs started to peel and fall off. Parts of the eyebrows looked lighter than the rest. I would say this is the worst part of the whole healing process. Coco had told me NOT to peel the scabs as the colour might come off as a result. But I was impatient. I scrubbed some area to even the brow out. This probably caused holes (lightened areas) in some part of the brow. My bad. *cringe*

But by day 7, it has lightened considerably. The eyebrow started to look very natural now. In fact I had a hard time plucking my natural hairs because I can’t tell which is which!

Coco had warned me the possibility of having ‘holes’ or parts of the brow that look lighter than the rest. So a complimentary touch up after 4 weeks is compulsory. Nevertheless, I’m very pleased with the result so far. Do follow me on Instagram to see how my eye brow looks after the touch up!
This photo was taken 4 weeks after. By the way, the eyelashes lasted about 3-4 weeks.



Eyebrow Embroidery: From $1380 Onwards
Eyelash Extension: From $98 Onwards

With the beautiful brow expert, Coco of Browtisan.


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