We just came back from Montigo Resort at Batam Island last weekend. It was absolutely beautiful and it was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to look out to this view upon waking up.

The resort has a family pool, an adult pool and our villa comes with a private pool too. Needless to say my 2 water-loving babies spent a lot of time swimming. Alright.. swimming may not be the right word – it’s more like hanging on to mummy and daddy for dear life while the parents attempted to ‘teach’ swimming.

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Since I posted this photo on Instagram last weekend, many have asked where I got Lauren’s sunglasses from.

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So here it is. A whole post dedicated to J-Flex – the FABULOUS (Lauren’s word) kids sunglasses that’s stylish, comfortable and hardy enough to withstand abuse from small children. Most importantly, it is polarized and offers 100% UV protection.

We often apply sunblock before heading out into the sun. But what about the little one’s eyes? UV rays penetrate deep into the eye and can cause permanent vision problems like photoconjunctivitis and cataracts. Even eye cancer is associated with life-long exposure to UV rays.

Which is why getting a pair of kids sunglasses with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays (European approved safety standards) like J-Flex is very important. Don’t buy sunglasses with stickers that just say it “blocks harmful UV”.

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Comfort is also another factor to consider when it comes to selecting sunglasses for kids. Let’s face it. Our little ones are very critical. If it ain’t comfy, they won’t wear it.

The same goes for the visibility of the lenses. J-Flex’s polarized lenses cut through the glare to provide better clarity, colour and detail to the wearer.

These J-Flex sunglasses are very durable. They are less likely to break than regular frames. And Georgia of course, did us the honour of testing out the sunglasses to see if the shock-absorbing rubber frames and shatter-resistant lenses really worked. She twisted it, bent it and managed to put it on herself, without damaging the glasses. Yay!

These light weight frames are suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years old. But there was no stopping my 1 year old from hijacking the sunglasses from her older sister and be the most stylish kid at the pool.

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I also like that J-Flex kids sunglasses are free from BPA, harmful metals, lead-based paint and phthalates. It gives me the peace of mind knowing it is non-toxic to my kids even when they put it in their mouth or chew on it.

J-Flex kids sunglasses are available in 6 different colours and styles to suit your kid’s style. Pick one and start protecting your child’s eyes today!

For more information, visit J-Flex website at http://j-flex.com.sg/ or follow them on Facebook for the latest on eye protection.