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Post Natal Slimming Treatment With Nourifbc


Body changed forever after birth? You bet. Your body grew a baby for 9 months, your stomach muscle and skin had been stretched like never before, your pelvic bone had expanded and your boobs are hard at work producing milk for your newborn. Need I go on? But is it possible to regain your shape and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight? Certainly. With the right care and treatment, we not only could regain our energy and body shape back, we could also be healthier than our prenatal self. It’s like a reboot for our body after giving birth.

I wish I had known Valerie De Costa (pictured above) from Nouri Face & Body Concepts earlier. Perhaps I would be able to regain my body confidence much sooner after the birth of my 2 daughters. Valerie is a mother of 3 herself and a veteran in the beauty and postnatal treatment industry. She has been doing in-home treatment for postnatal mums for the past 14 years. Combining Chinese confinement study, traditional Jamu massage techniques, health and nutrition studies with modern application methods, Valerie and her team have educated and assisted many mums get back in the pink of health and gain slimmer postnatal body shapes.

The interesting fact I learned about Nouri Face & Body Concepts, is that they were awarded an Entrepreneur Award for being the first ever beauty salon to combine confinement nanny services for modern day consumers with their pregnancy massage treatments. Using Valerie’s interesting mix of Thai and Peranakan recipes from her family and modern technique with machinery, the natal massages produce effective results that have given them an extremely positive popularity amongst the expectant mums in Singapore since 2001.

Nourifbc Post Natal Slimming Treatment

In order to better understand how the treatment works, I subjected myself to the whole postnatal treatment experience at Nouri Face & Body Concepts outlet recently. (Note: This treatment is usually conducted at new mommy’s home during her confinement period.) Also, I secretly hoped that the treatment will help tone my flabby bits up. I am after all, just one year late in receiving the treatment. While I’m late to the whole game, i have been informed that is still possible to obtain results, albeit the results would vary on a case to case basis depending on the number of years as well as our own individual body types and lifestyle habits. Upon entering Nouri, I was greeted by this wall of accredition and certificates. Valerie believes in continuous education and keeping updated with the latest methods and techniques in the beauty industry.

The bright and airy reception area at Nouri.
The treatment room. See the big silver machine on my right? I was told it is great for expelling dampness in postnatal mums.

What happens during the post natal treatment?

Step 1: Dry body brushing

I read there are many benefits that comes with dry body brushing and we should be doing this on a daily basis before we take our shower. But really, who has the time? So I was really glad when Valerie started the treatment with dry body brushing. Proper skin brushing speeds up metabolism, helps to remove metabolic wastes and toxins from our internal system by stimulating the lymph flow and alleviates vein and lymph congestion to reduce cellulite. And finally, the very obvious reason for this step would be to exfoliate dry and rough skin to open up our pores and enable slimming products to readily absorb into the skin. I really liked this step and I felt refreshed after brushing.

Step 2: Lymphatic Detox Wrap

I’ve tried this treatment at other beauty centres. So I wasn’t too concerned about the heat that helps the body sweats and thus, expels wind and toxins from the body. In fact, Valerie puts the heat at a lower but longer setting. Instead of cranking the temperature up high to save time, she explained that by doing so, our blood circulation increases more gradually and works better at detox.

I also find that marinating at a lower temperature makes it a more comfortable experience. My body relaxed and I managed to sneak in a short nap too.

Step 3: Sexy Mum Cream Application and Fat Mobilisation

Now these Sexy Mum creams are no joke. This slimming cream is extremely popular among Nouri Face & Body Concepts’ clients, and they have been an exclusive product for many years now. Approved by HSA and formulated by Valerie herself, these creams contain no harmful substances as Valerie insists on having as many organic benefits as possible. The products are categorised in two tiers: AM cream and PM cream, for daytime and night time usage respectively.

The AM cream has a very cooling sensation which helps tone and lift the skin when applied on target areas. It also increases the body metabolism. Which is why it is a good idea to apply during the day.
The PM cream on the other hand has a hot and almost burning sensation when applied. It makes my skin itch. If you can take the ‘heat’, you can apply it alone after shower at night or in my case, I mix it up with the AM cream and apply both at the same time. The cool and hot creams balance out and I like how it feels on my skin; knowing both creams are working and giving my abs and love handles (my problem areas) a better shape and tone.

During the postnatal treatment, Valerie applied both cream at the same time before massaging my trouble spots with her special fat mobilisation machine. I braced myself for a painful experience. But luckily for me, Valerie has changed the massage head to a softer version and tuned down strength of the machine after receiving feedbacks from her post natal clients that the process was uncomfortable.

I liked how the machine feels on me. Besides the vibration that helps breaking down the cellulite and fat, Valerie’s stronghold of the machine provided a deep tissue massage too.
I can see why this treatment is more efficient at body slimming than the traditional jamu massages I had during my time. Hand massage has nothing on this powerful machine.
Yeah, baby! Once the cat cells on my love handles are broken down, it can be easily eliminated from the body. Smaller waistline, here I come… fingers crossed!

Step 4: Slimming and Toning Treatment for flabby tummy

(Note: This step is not available during home visit. It can only be done during your last 3 treatments done in at Nouri)
After the fat cells were broken down, it was time to tone up those abs muscles.

Step 5: Special Osmosis Shape Wear

This special Trim n Fit shapewear that Valerie manufactured herself works similarly to the bengkung wrap after a jamu massage. The difference is the shapewear feels much more comfortable and flexible. It is holding in the lower and upper tummy up to just below the boobs line, so you can still breastfeed in comfort while wearing the shapewear.
When you sign up for a treatment package, you will be given your own set of body brush, a shapewear and Sexy Mum AM & PM creams to use during and after every treatment.

Check out these testimonials on Nourifbc’s Post Natal Slimming Services and Post Natal Massage Services.

Nourifbc’s postnatal slimming treatment is very popular and often booked out in advance. Valerie is very selective on who she works with. She requires all her post natal clients to book at least 1 prenatal massage, so you both can get to know each other better in the process. Well, I guess it is also a good idea for you to suss out the treatment and decide if you’d like to commit to all 10 sessions of treatment. So if you are interested, you can either contact Nouri Face & Body Concepts directly or book through my concierge service – special plans and package available!

Nourifbc offers The Chill Mom’s clients and readers a session of makeup and hairdo for photo shoot if you decide that you love their prenatal massage and sign up for a package. Find out more about the Prenatal Care & Photography package here.

Established in 2001, Nouri provides services ranging from skin correcting facials, IPL skin rejuvenation, permanent hair removal, brazilian waxing, eyebrow embroidery, prenatal massage and post natal slimming treatment. All products used at Nouri are safe and do not contains parabens, fragrances, additives and free from artificial extracts.
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