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The Lifting Cream I’ve Been Telling Everyone About


I’ve been accused of losing too much weight lately. The thing is, I haven’t. In fact, I’ve gained more weight along with the pregnancy. I get it though. While my body and tummy are increasing in size by the day, my face has gone slimmer and more contoured than ever before. You see, it all started 10 months ago when I discovered Bio-essence Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen this post where I raved about how much I love the way the cream felt on my face.

What I didn’t know was that a V-shaped face is really achievable by using the cream! I only realised that the cream works during a hen’s trip with my girlfriends. I hadn’t seen most of them for a while and they immediately grilled me on how I lost sooooo much weight (I didn’t!) and why has my jawline became so defined. At first, I had no answer. That night when I was going through my nightly skincare routine and reaching for Bio-essence Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream, it hit me. This MUST be it!! I’ve used the cream for about 3 weeks. When I told my friends the ‘secret’, they told me to stop using it immediately because my face has gotten too slim. Hahaha… I didn’t stop using it, of course. How I can give up having a more contoured, V-shaped face?

So how is having a V-shaped face better? I hear you ask. I’m sure you’ve heard of people undergoing jaw shaving surgery and botox solution to obtain a slimmer face. For the same reasons – sharper jawline and slimmer face enhance one’s facial feature and makes you look more youthful. Plus in this age of selfies, being more photogenic doesn’t hurt too. So here’s me, setting things straight – I didn’t lose weight or undergo any jaw shaving surgery. I don’t have to. Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) helps me obtain the same results. It provides moisture boost and effective instant facial contour reduction.

After exfoliating with Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel, a quick application at night and in the morning as I would with a moisturiser, my skin looks dewy fresh and a hell lot firmer than it would do otherwise.

Great news for those with sensitive skin!

Bio-essence has recently introduced the new Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin to the line to help women with sensitive skin achieve a V shape face.

I got to try the newly launched Face Lifting Cream for sensitive skin and I must say, it did not disappoint. While it has a milder cooling sensation than the Extra Strength cream, after massaging my face with the hypoallergenic formula cream in an upward lifting motion for 5 minutes, I did feel the tightening and lifting effect on my face. If you have time and massage your face for 10 minutes, you could see the difference right away! You can use the ruler is provided with every purchase to measure your results. Watch the immediate transformation and how the expert does it in this clip from 女人我最大.

Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream is available in 3 variants for different needs:

Face Lifting Cream I have not tried the regular cream. According to the brochure, the cream provides an instant facial contour reduction for first sign of aging. It firms sagging skin, reduces aging lines and deeply nourishes skin for a smooth and youthful V-Shaped facial contour.

Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin I don’t have sensitive skin but I like the mild scent and light weight texture of the Face Lifting Cream for sensitive skin. It doesn’t leave the skin with any greasiness afterwards and does its job to firm sagging skin, reduce double chin while helps to soothes and calms sensitive skin.

Face Lifting Cream Extra Strength This one is obviously my favourite. It is the fastest solution to achieving an extra lifted and extra V face. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 58% in just 10 minutes – exactly what I need for my aging skin.

Since the trip, my friends have been texting me privately to ask me about Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream. I tell them all the same – It is definitely a winner in the face lifting category. More than just a ‘moisturiser’, it has a specific function and one that it does very well. So glad that there’s a new sensitive skin formula now. Even friends who’ve always wanted to try Bio-essence’s Face Lifting Cream but didn’t because they were afraid of skin reactions, can now safely use the cream to achieve a firmer, slimmer face.   This one will not break the bank either – $49.90 at Watsons, Guardian and NTUC Fairprice.


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