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Staying Youthful With The All-In-One Mediplus-Gel


When I turned thirty, I went from a wash-and-go kind of girl to having a skincare regimen. You know – the basic wash, tone and moisturise, everyone from my grandmother to the lady at the department store told me I should be doing.

I did as I was told and in recent years, my basic care regimen has blown up to the full works. Up until two weeks ago, I use cleansing milk, a hydrating mist cum toner, pre-serum, serum, eye serum, face oil, day moisturiser or night cream, sunblock and the occasional face mask. I was happy, I was doing all I can to maintain and enhance my skin condition.

And then, something arrived in the mail and shook up my routine.


It arrived in an unassuming paper bag. The packaging is simple and it doesn’t say much about what it does on the label. In the 2-pages brochure it came with, Mediplus-Gel is described as a basic all-in-one gel.

It contains a blend of 62 types of cosmetic ingredients, including ceramide 1.3.6, placenta extract, super collagen, hyaluronic acid in nano form, Vitamin C and hot spring water from the Izumo Tamtsukuri Onsen in Japan. It is supposed to replace my toner, serum, moisturiser and whatever else I use in my daily skincare regime. All I need is this one bottle after washing my face.

It’s quite the conundrum because, on one hand, I like how long skincare routine makes me feel like I was pampering and looking after myself. This goes against everything I’ve learnt about skincare. On the other hand, if this really works, this could potentially save me a lot of time every morning and night.

So I put on my researcher hat and did a little investigating, also-known-as let’s look at their website!

I immediately saw testimonials and photos of 50-60 years old women looking like they are in their thirties!

I was intrigued. I was totally game to try it out. After all, it only takes two to three weeks to see the results.

My review of Mediplus-Gel

I started using Mediplus-Gel immediately that very night. After shower and face-washing with my regular cleansing cream, I applied 3 pumps of Mediplus-Gel on my face as instructed – 2 pumps in the morning, 3 at night, more when you first started.

It might not feel like the gel absorbs immediately. I apply the excess gel onto my neck and décolletage in an upward motion. Then, I place my palms on my face to help the gel absorb better. Do not over rub, the whole idea of an all-in-one gel is that it reduces skin tugging from using multiple products. If you rub too much, the polymer moisturising film will solidify on your skin and produce small grains. I would also advise you to start your makeup immediately after the gel application.

My skin feels thoroughly moisturised. My face feels soft and I keep fake smiling to stretch my skin and expect it to feel tight and dry, as it usually does with just a moisturiser, but it didn’t. I keep feeling like I need something else on my face, probably because I’m so used to having heavy face oil on my dry skin.

The formula is definitely non-greasy but it could feel a bit sticky during the day, the same feeling you would get after applying an hydrating mask. I guess it’s due to our humid weather. It feels just right when I’m indoor with the air-con on.

One thing I did notice after using Mediplus-Gel for just a few days, is that my breakouts are gone! I’m been having little pimples around my nose and chin since I’ve gotten pregnant. I thought it was due to hormones and have developed a bad habit of picking at white heads and pimples on a daily basis. I can’t help it! But since using the gel, I couldn’t find anything to pick at anymore.

Would I recommend it? Totally!

I mean why not? The distributor is so confident with the product that they offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. They will refund the full amount if you do not feel any effect within two to three weeks. It is encouraged that you use a generous amount of gel during the trial period and you will still get your money back even if you return an empty bottle.

The price point is easy on the pocket too – $58 for a bottle which lasts about 2 months.

It is not available at any physical stores. To purchase, simply visit Mediplus-Gel website, place your order and have the product delivered right to your doorstep. If you’re ordering on the go, here’s the link for ordering on your smartphone.

Mediplus-Gel subscription service

They have recently launched a subscription service too. Mummies, they know you are busy with work and taking care of children. So with a subscription service, you no longer need to remember to replenish your Mediplus-Gel. You also get to save $10 delivery fee (even when you buy only 1 bottle), receive notification of your next delivery, you’ll be able to change your delivery date and cancel anytime from the second order.

Try it. You have nothing to lose.

PS: Oh! I went for a facial treatment a couple of days ago. The beautician commented that I have very firm skin and lots of collagen. That’s the first time anyone said that to me. Could it be the super collagen in Mediplus-Gel? I wonder….



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