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Nuxellence Eclat and Detox Pre-Serums: Is It Necessary?


Age is but a number. While that sounds good, I can’t deny the signs of ageing showing up on my face. Also, my body isn’t what it used to be anymore. For someone who just turned 37 and edging towards the forties, I have started paying more attention to anti-ageing habits and practices.

Besides eating better, staying active and occasionally indulging in spa treatments, I find using the right skincare products on a daily basis really helps.

And one such product I like to introduce to you today is The Nuxellence® anti-aging range. I started using Nuxellence Eclat and Nuxellence Detox last year when I attended a media event by NUXE where they shared the release of theNuxellence® range of pre-serums. I must say, I had never heard of a pre-serum before and the idea of using one sounded rather appalling to me. I mean, a serum before a serum? How many steps do we need in our skincare regime?

I was given full-sized samples of both Nuxellence® Eclat and Nuxellence® Detox and I’m glad I tried the serums out. They are now part of my all time favourites.


NUXE is a cult French cosmetic brand with a variety of products for face and body care. Behind Aliza Jabès’ philosophy of “Mother Nature is Wise”, Nuxe products are created using unique selection of active ingredients extracted from plants. Constantly performing research and studies in their multiple awards winning laboratory, it has 45 patented ingredients under their sleeve, including 10 patents for Nuxellence.


At the core, Nuxellence helps to reveal skin’s youth by repairing our Mitochondrial DNA.

What is Mitochondrial DNA?

It is an infinitely powerful component at the heart of our cells that plays a key role in cell’s energy production. It is fragile and the damage to Mitochondrial DNA causes the skin to age. Therefore, it is important to protect and repair Mitochondrial DNA in order to maintain youthful skin that’s smooth and radiant.

Nuxellence, made with Passionflower, Anchusa, Poppy and other anti-aging ingredients are suitable for adults of every skin type. It can be used along with your regular skincare but for the best result, I’ve been using them with NUXE’s Merveillance, a new range for women who are ‘still’ young and are seeking to alleviate signs of ageing. Me!

My thoughts

Nuxellence ECLAT

During the day, after washing and toning, I use two to three pumps of Nuxellence Eclat on to my face, neck and décolletage. It has a light but velvety texture that is quickly absorbed. I like that it provides a smooth and hydrating base for my Merveillance Lifting Serum to go on next.

I think it also works great as makeup primer if you want to skip your next step of serum and moisturiser. It has corrective pigments which make my skin looks nicely even in tone and noticeably illuminated. Glow, baby, glow!

It has a floral scent that is a little strong for my liking, but overall, it’s not a deal breaker. After using it along with Nuxellence DETOX for a few months, my skin feels rejuvenated and looks more radiant.

Both serums are packaged in a sophisticated twist and pump dispenser, which is easy to use and pumps out just the right amount of serum. No fingers dipping also means more sanitary application and longer lasting products!

Nuxellence DETOX

My night time routine is wash + tone + Nuxellence DETOX + Merveillance Lifting Serum +Merveillance Regenerating Night Cream + Merveillance Lifting Eye Cream.

I love, love, love that Nuxellence DETOX detoxifies and repairs my skin while I sleep. As a mum of three, sleep is elusive and since I won’t be getting enough zzz until all my kids are going off to college, having the right skincare that helps my skin look rested and fresh in the morning, as if I had 2 extra hours of sleep is imperative.

As our skin starts to age naturally, dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells decreases. Nuxellence Detox, the range’s revolutionary anti-aging night care, detoxifies mitochondrial DNA by eliminating oxidised proteins, thus helps the skin regeneration process.

The pre-serum or serum (as I sometimes just skip another serum application) texture is more luxurious than its day-time sister. It melts into my skin effortlessly, as it fills in all my fine lines. With a blend of Silk Tree Extract, Passion Flower, Anchusa, Poppy and Safflower Oil, it has softer floral fragrance than Nuxellence ECLAT.

As a final thought, I recommend both Nuxellence Eclat and Nuxellence Detox to anyone who is concerned about anti-ageing. I like the fact that a topical product could target the root of skin degeneration down to the micro-cell level and renew youthfulness. It may be an extra step in your skincare routine but it is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is better to treat yourself, to look after yourself now, because prevention is better than cure 🙂

Retailing at SGD98, Nuxellence Eclat and Nuxellence Detox are available at Beauty by Nature, Robinsons, Metro, selected Watsons and online at Zalora and Redmart.


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