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Because I don’t want to forget the little details of how things are right now.



Has many side projects on top on of his day job. He’s mostly found working on his laptop on the bed, on the couch, at the dining table, basically everywhere but his desk. When he’s actually at his desk, he’s cranking up loud 90’s R&B music and watching music videos on YouTube. Takes Lauren to school most mornings. Reluctant Instagram husband. On a Paleo-ish diet and rewards himself with salt & vinegar chips and gourmet pizzas on cheat days. Cheat days varies between once to several days per week. Chief ta-pow master on Sundays.



Working mostly at home, personal time is often used to work, and vice versa. Feels slightly guilty about it but unwilling to change because frankly, she likes it that way. Thinks multitasking is key to getting anything done. People who preach mindfulness (one thing at a time) clearly don’t have children or worked around kids. On the verge of quitting on her book (THIRD REVISION!!!). Learning to let go of control and trust her team to do their job. Isn’t sleeping well and totally blaming Will and Lauren (read below to find out why). Learning to be more patient with the kids. Snacks on dry Milo powder on the daily.



Loves school, homework and all sorts of enrichment classes I dragged her to trial for the blog. Easily coaxed into giving in to her younger siblings. Gets the most one-on-one time with mummy simply because going to Mummy’s events is “so much fun”. A bit of a people pleaser – “I’m your little helper, mummy!” / “I cleaned up the house allllll by myself, mummy!”. Butchers all the Chinese songs she learns from school because well, she can’t even pronounce some English words properly.

Loves play-pretend with Georgia and talks like her teachers. Favourite TV shows include Paw Patrol, Oomi Zoomi and Shimmer and Shine. Colours everything in rainbow colours. Favourite pony is, no surprise here, Rainbow Dash, although she never watched the show for more than 5 minutes. Sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night.



Things fall between 2 categories for Georgia – love and “I doon lyke it”. Needs to get her hands on whatever Lauren is holding. Breaks into random songs at any given moment. Keeps us laughing while simultaneously wondering where she inherited that stubbornness from (not me!). She is never deterred when told, “no”, although she is more persuadable when she is Sofia, Cinderella, Snow White, Anna or Dora. Points at pictures of Elsa and shouts, “That’s Jie jie!”. Strongly believes in wearing dresses all day every day and names her dresses after Disney princesses. Walks around the house with a wand and “magic, magic, turn ….. into” whatever she pleases.



Hasn’t stopped moving since he could flip over. Sitting up and crawling everywhere unsteadily. Often, flip/fall on his back and cries to be rescued. Poops every morning after a diaper change. Putting everything into his mouth. Everything is yummy, except baby cereals (I agree though – those are yucky). Laughs at Lauren’s antic; snatches Georgia’s toy. Going through major separation anxiety. Occasionally wakes up at 4 am to laugh and climbs over his parents. Loves nothing more than everyone’s attention on him.

The kids are lovingly dressed by Chateau de sable, one of my favourite children’s clothing brand.

The kind folks at Misty Daydream brought me the balloons and party props. Check out their website for a comprehensive collection of party supplies and wedding decor. And the best of all, they deliver to your doorstep.

We had a fun and memorable day shooting with Gideon at Grow Old With Me. He has all sort of tricks up his sleeves for making the kids comfortable and laughing throughout the photoshoot. The family photography package is priced at $328 for a 60 minutes session. It includes all edited high-resolution photos taken on the day. If you’re interested in having a family photo session with Grow Old With Me, you can use my special promo code “Michelle” for 20% discount! 🙂

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