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Take the Stress Out of Hiring a Domestic Helper With FWD Insurance


Many families in Singapore don’t know what they would do without their domestic helper, and I’m no exception. My helper, Amor, has been working with us for three years. Amor was there when my second daughter Georgia was born and has practically raised her. She’s been such a great help looking after my children and without her, I wouldn’t be the businesswoman I am today. Amor is now an integral part of our family and we want to protect her like family by choosing the best option for maid insurance that meets both of our needs.

In Singapore, employers are required to purchase medical and personal accident insurance for their domestic helpers, but finding the right insurer with just the right amount of coverage at an affordable price can be time-consuming. We’ve done the research, and have found that FWD’s maid insurance came out on top in several key areas:


Why FWD over other domestic helper insurance brands?

  1. Currently, we are paying out of pocket whenever Amor – my helper falls sick with minor illnesses. It may not cost much, but $30 to $50 per doctor’s visit quickly adds up. So, it’s a game changer that FWD’s maid insurance covers outpatient medical expenses related to illnesses in addition to the coverage provided for outpatient medical expenses related to personal accidents. It is the first of its kind to offer such a policy.
  2. FWD is also the only insurer that will pay the mandatory security bond without having to recover the amount from us. This means we don’t need to pay an additional premium! This fully covers employers should the unforeseen happen and is included in the base plan. We’ll always be sure to have the necessary coverage we need, without paying for coverage we don’t.
  3. FWD is Singapore’s fully direct and online life and general insurer. This eliminates the middle-man (agent) so we’ll never need someone to mediate our purchase process. The information goes directly to us, the customer, and we can then make an informed choice and complete the transaction independently, online.

Why Buy Direct Online Insurance?

Direct online insurance has many benefits for busy families looking to insure their domestic helper. Since you don’t have to work with an agent, this option is often much faster, cheaper and more straightforward. FWD doesn’t have to pay a fee to an agent when you buy direct online, so they can pass those savings onto you and provide better coverage at a better price. If timing is an issue for you and you’re needing to get insurance quickly, direct online is the way to go!


Lose the Stress, Ease Your Mind

Before FWD simplified the process, the idea of hiring a foreign domestic worker as a helper could be a daunting one. You want to make sure you’re in compliance and providing the coverage that’s needed, but many insurance plans add expensive and excessive riders, so it can be difficult to tell what’s mandatory and what isn’t. By providing a straightforward online process, FWD has taken the stress out of engaging with a foreign domestic worker.

By providing a straightforward online process, FWD has taken the stress out of engaging with a foreign domestic worker. This direct process puts the necessary information directly in the hands of employers, enabling you to make informed choices and choose a plan that is best for you and your needs.

Once you know that you and your helper are properly insured and have the coverage needed to both meet the necessary regulations and protect your helper and your family, you’ll have significant peace of mind. There’s no need to leave yourself wondering whether or not your insurance is doing its job.


Why Not Try it Out…Risk-Free!

FWD does not take a “one size fits all” approach, because they know that different families have different needs. To make sure that you always have choices, FWD’s maid insurance is offered across three different plans with varying coverage and riders available to enhance the policy as YOU see necessary. FWD takes the risk out of purchasing maid insurance by offering a full premium refund if the policy is cancelled within the first three months. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

Some additional, and we think the major benefits of FWD’s maid insurance include:

  • Coverage of the mandatory security bond in the base plan without any excess.
  • All-around coverage across hospitalisation, accidental death and disability up to $50,000.
  • Outpatient medical coverage related to illnesses, ensuring your helper will get the care they need and get back to helping your family quickly
  • Protection of the home against theft by a foreign domestic worker, fire and burglary

There are plenty of things to stress about in life already, hiring a domestic helper to make things easier shouldn’t be one of them. We know which maid insurance we’ll be switching to when our policy is up. We’re excited to finally feel confident that we’re providing our helper with everything she needs while ensuring that our family is protected too. We think FWD maid insurance will be a win-win for us and for everyone we know.

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Helpers are not machines: Watch FWD’s TV commercial.


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