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The Science Behind Hair Regrowth


I could have named this post, “TK TrichoKare Scalp Treatment Review”, but I didn’t. This is because I walked away with far more than just a treatment. I have gained many tips and knowledge on how to maintain a headful of healthy hair after just one session at TrichoKare. Let me elaborate.

TrichoKare the hair and scalp expert

You all know I suffer from post natal hair loss, right? Well, I went to TrichoKare last week because I wanted to find out about the current state of my scalp and how I can prevent further hair loss post pregnancy.

Why TrichoKare?

That’s an easy one. They are one of the leading trichology centres in Singapore who have won numerous awards this year alone, including Elle Beauty Treat List – Best Treatment for Hair Loss, Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards, Her World Spa Awards and Women’s Weekly Hair Awards. Their treatments are customised based on our hair and scalp conditions using premium European herbal hair remedies, made from all natural plant-based ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals.

What is a trichologist?

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp disorders. It adopts a holistic approach to hair issues, taking your lifestyle, diet and well-being into consideration as part of the treatment process. Trichologists treat a wide range of issues, from hair loss to dandruff and inflammation. These highly qualified experts have an in-depth understanding of hair anatomy and physiology, enabling them to customise the best treatments for each individual.

Look away! Gross image ahead!

I thought I had pretty healthy scalp besides my hair fall problem. Turns out, my scalp is greasy and those white flakes are oil sebum that’s so thick, they are even flaky. They sometimes fall onto my shoulder and are noticeable on dark coloured top. I had always though those were dandruff.

I appreciate that my scalp and hair were accessed by a certified trichologist at TrichoKare before proceeding to the treatment. We went through a questionnaire about my lifestyle, diet and general wellbeing which she takes into account for treating my hair problems. She was also very patient in explaining the common causes and offers a holistic approach to help me with my scalp problems and preventing hair fall.

Here is what I learnt about looking after our scalp and hair:

  1. Get enough sleep. It is clearly what I’m lacking at the moment but sleep deprivation shows under our eyes as well as on our head. Insomnia, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders can influence the health of our hair and scalp, and over time, it may cause baldness. Yikes!
  2. Diet. Now, this is something I could work on. Just like other health concerns, avoiding fried, spicy, sugary and overly salty would do your scalp good and lead to healthy hair. For women, remember to take your Evening Primrose Oil supplement for good hair, skin and nails.
  3. Wash your hair every day. I’m very surprised by this one. For some reasons, I thought we don’t need to wash every day. However, for people with my scalp condition (greasy with clogged hair pores), it is advisable to wash it daily to get rid of the dirt, oil serum and build-ups.
  4. Avoid harsh, stripping shampoos. You know those brightly coloured pink shampoo, nectar smell of a fresh peach and cost $3 for a whole litre? Yeah, avoid that. Chances are you’re buying glorified detergent that contains harmful chemicals that can contribute to the weakening of the hair shaft, making your more prone to split ends, hair loss and other hair related issues. Switch to organic or natural plant based shampoo that cleanses gently instead.
  5. Get into good hair habits. So what older people has been telling us is true – Don’t go to bed with wet hair. It’s not because you will get a headache or wind or anything. It is simply because our hair is weak when wet and thus, more prone to hair fall. Same goes for not brushing right after washing. Let the hair dry a little before you comb through with a wide-tooth brush.
  6. Go for a hair analysis and customised scalp treatment before your hair problem becomes chronic. Take on a pro-active approach towards taking care of your scalp and hair. After all, our crowning glory has a huge impact on our overall appearance.

Tested and Proven – My experience at TrichoKare

Overall, I enjoyed my customised scalp and hair treatment at TrichoKare. The hair mask, wash, tonic and head and shoulder massage were heavenly. The only downside was that it left me longing for a total body massage! Haha!

I also like it as I can see a noticeable difference of my scalp conditions. Those white flakes and oil sebum are lesser in quantity. My scalp looks and feels cleaner. I could also see that some of the clogged hair pores are cleared and visibly dilated. Open hair pores = encourage new hair growth.

Before: The white bits are oil sebum and you can also see clogged pores.

After: All cleaned!

Before: Greasy scalp and clogged pores.

After: Opened pores 🙂

Try it out for yourself

If you have hair loss or scalp problems and want to get it checked, good news! Solve your hair woes with TrichoKare’s Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment for ONLY $40. You will also receive a FREE Revitalising Hair Care Kit + HairGRO Serum (total worth $743). Sign up now:


TK Trichokare

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