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OETEO: Not Your Ordinary Rompers

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Some days, dressing my active son, Will, can be challenging. With all the buttons and fasteners, it is hard to get him buttoned and dressed when he is squirming and crawling away. 8-month-old babies do not stay still long enough for you to button tons of buttons! Also, who else hates struggling with buttons and fasteners during the night?

When I read OETEO’s claims that dressing up should be easy and “pleasant” for mum and baby, I knew I had to give them a try. I am so glad that I did! Read on to find out why.


All About OETEO

OETEO aims to “embrace essentially”, so their rompers are designed with this idea in mind. The rompers are designed to be functional, essential and versatile. The company has over 30 years experience, and their technical expertise and lifestyle insights work well to develop products that mums will love.
All their products are designed in Singapore with safety and comfort in mind. The company has several different romper collections – each unique, functional, and essential.


The EASYEO Romper


I tried the EASYEO rompers on Will. Guess what? EASYEO rompers have no fastening! All the pain of fastening leg holes around a diaper is gone with this romper. It’s easy to tell that the romper was developed from insights from mums like me and you.


Will wearing Embrace Serenity EASYEO romper

I love these rompers because they do make the dressing process easy and much more pleasant. They are easy to use, and your child can squirm and you can still dress him. They are also cute and soft. This innovative romper is an excellent choice to add to a baby wardrobe.

Will wearing Stripy Yellow Denim shorts EASYEO romper

I also did not feel like I needed to worry about the fit on Will because it has an elastic waistband. The rompers come in a variety of colour and unique patterns.

I was able to dress Will easily and quickly. It was not an ordeal as dressing sometimes can be. All I had to with this romper is to place the romper over his head, pull his little arms through the arm holes, pull the back of the romper down over his bottom. The bottom is shaped like attached shorts, so all I had to do was put Will’s legs through the leg holes and pull the top of the bottom part up to the top part. Done. No fastening and no hassle. He was dressed in no time.


Will wearing Little Musician EASYWEAR romper

The EASYWEAR romper (pictured above) comes with inbuilt mittens and footies function too. How clever is that? You can pull down the inbuilt mittens and footies when baby needs extra warmth and when you don’t, simply fold them up. It’s the perfect romper to put the baby in during a flight or a car ride. Think about all those time when you have had to pick up and replace yanked-off mittens! Having inbuilt mittens and footies save me a lot of time from having to find lost mittens/footies.

Another thing I loved about the EASYEO romper is that it includes a “back pocket flap” designed with space and efficiency in mind. Mums can fold the romper up to fit into this flap making it easy to store in the wardrobe or fit nicely in a diaper bag for whenever the little one makes a mess. It is very convenient!


Things to Know

Will wearing Little Star Set, part of the Little Visionaries Collection. The set consists of 1 romper, 1 beanie, 1 set of mittens, 1 sets of booties and a receiving blanket. It makes a perfect baby gift.

OETEO rompers are great pieces to add to your baby’s wardrobe, but they also offer family style apparel. With their family style apparel for adults, it makes it easy to coordinate with loved ones.

EASYEO rompers are made of 100% high-quality fine cotton that is certified OEKO-TEX® compliant. OETEO chose to use this fabric for its time-tested qualities – breathable, safe, durable and oh-so-soft. I could tell Will liked the feel of the romper, and I did too.

Another exciting bit of information is that OETEO has applied for a patent for its EASYEO romper which has a unique construction. It really is on its way to becoming an essential piece of baby clothing in Will’s wardrobe. You can visit to see all their fabulous collections and shop around.

Mums, if you are looking for a romper that is cute, functional, and easy, you should give OETEO rompers a try!


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