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How to Baby-Proof Your Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing


Kitchens and bathrooms can be dangerous areas for babies, especially for toddlers who are just starting to get on and explore the world around them. These tips and tricks on how to baby-proof the bathroom and kitchen plumbing are useful for parents who are looking to make their home a safer environment for their little one.

Baby proofing for the kitchen

The kitchen has several areas that need to be taken into consideration when implementing child safety measures. The stove, with its burners, is an obvious example but other items are equally dangerous, especially if they are within the child’s reach. The kitchen pipes, the garbage disposal and even the cleaning products stored in the cupboard under the kitchen sink are possible hazards.

In order to prevent the toddler to reach under the kitchen sink where the plumbing is located, you can use a multi-purpose strap lock that is easy to install but will only be easy to use by an adult. You can ask for the help of a plumber in Singapore for the installation of various lock mechanisms.

Other items that you need to take care of are the stovetop, the microwave and other kitchen supplies and all of the sharp objects that are found in your kitchen.

If you are looking to remodel the kitchen before the baby comes, you can include these changes in the renovation plan. A trained, qualified plumbing practitioner will be able to advise you and you can find one on Singapore Plumbing Society’s website.

Bathroom baby proofing

The water in the bathroom can present a drowning hazard for your baby. This is why you should take several steps to ensure that the bathroom is baby proof:

– use a toilet lid lock and always remember to keep the lid down;

– use anti-slip mats in the tub and/or the shower cabin;

– keep any dangerous objects such as razors, nail clippers and others out of reach;

– unplug the blow drier or any other trimming/beauty electrical devices;

– set the water heater below 120 degrees;

– never leave your baby alone in the bathtub.

Lastly, you can make sure that your toddler does not wander into the bathroom unsupervised by using a lock on the outside of the door.

These steps can help you prevent any unwanted accidents while your toddler is happily exploring his home.

You may also reach out to an expert in social and family development for adequate help and support for young parents.


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