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Safe and Fast Teeth Whitening Treatment that Works


Have you ever wondered why teeth whitening is all the rage at the moment? Not many realise this but yellow and stained teeth make one looks older. There are many teeth whitening methods and products in the market but how do you know which is the best?

Well, I can’t tell you what’s best but what I had experienced a couple of days ago is pretty amazing.

Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System by BrightTonix

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me getting my teeth whitened on IG Stories.

If you haven’t, I’ve downloaded the whole thing for your viewing pleasure. Now am I thoughtful or am I thoughtful?

How does Y10 Work?

BrightTonix’s Y10 is the first in the world to use low powered radio-frequency (RF) to remove stains from teeth enamel. Basically, in layman terms, RF current works with the whitening toothpaste to pull out stains from the enamel to give us whiter teeth. If you want the actual terms and all, check out the following image.

The huge difference and a very BIG PLUS to this procedure compared to most of the teeth whitening treatments out there is that it is peroxide free. This means there won’t be any risks and associated side effects of teeth sensitivity and gum soreness. It doesn’t strip away your teeth enamel like the other teeth whitening products. In fact, it is called the mouth rejuvenation system because it is actually good for the gum and helps to eliminate bad breath too.

Contrary to other treatments which often require you to fast or no coloured food for the next hour or so (I heard one treatment bans food and drinks for 12 hours after treatment – madness!), you can eat and drink whatever you want right after the Y10 treatment. It’s perfect for a constant muncher like myself!

The whole treatment requires only 15 to 30 minutes, without any preparation or home-follow-up treatment. In fact, I had mine done at Centre for Cosmetic Rejunevation, not even at a dentist, because that’s how safe and easy the treatment is. It can be done in between beauty procedures – fast and fuss-free. Have I mentioned it was also pain-free? The ergonomic, disposable mouthpiece fits comfortably in my mouth and all I felt was a bit of warmth from the mouthpiece.

I’m really pleased with my Y10 BrightTonix Mouth Rejuvenation treatment. As you can see, my teeth went 6 shades lighter! It is available at Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and costs $390 at per session and $999 for 3 sessions.

Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery

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