I’m Michelle Hon, chief baby planner and blogger behind The Chill Mom – a motherhood lifestyle blog which provides pregnancy, self-care, children development and mumpreneurship resources for mothers.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was working 13 hour days running my F&B business, whilst having to plan the arrival of my baby. I was expected to eat well and look after myself, and know what to do when the baby arrives. Naturally, I turned to Google and the more I read, the more stressed out and overwhelmed I was by the mountain of information out there. All I wanted was a little support and someone to tell me, what the differences are between baby teats.

So my baby planning business – The Chill Mom Maternity Concierge and this blog were born shortly after the birth of my first child, to provide that the same support and unbiased advice I needed to time-starved, overwhelmed first-time mums.

Today, I’m a mother of three. A certified child carer, I’ve helped many successful women plan and manage the arrival of their babies. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on The Asian Entrepreneurs, The Asian Parent and Lifetime Asia. You can also watch me as the pregnancy body image expert and guest host on television documentary series, ‘Man Birth’ on Channel 5, Singapore. My book, The Chill Mom: Secrets To An Enjoyable Pregnancy and Confident Motherhood will be released by end 2017.

I believe motherhood is the most beautiful and rewarding experience for a woman. I’m on a mission to empower and support every mother to be confident in their new role, live their dream motherhood and be an inspiration to their children.

I wish you a rewarding motherhood experience. Thank you for reading.



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