Being pregnant has never been easier.

Let us help you plan and manage the arrival of your baby today.

Let me handle the boring tasks while you enjoy your pregnancy and newborn baby.

Full Nursery Preparation

Complete stocking of all the essentials for baby’s arrival

My team will design a one of a kind nursery suite for your baby, with a traditional or modern flair. All furnitures and baby essentials, including diapers, wipes, skin care, and baby clothings are carefully selected. Baby proofing and products safety demonstration included.

From SGD2550

Maternity Wardrobe

A personal guided shopping & styling experience

Just because you’re a mommy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. I can shop with or for you. I will help you build a wardrobe of chic comfortable staples that can be used throughout your pregnancy and first months of motherhood.

From SGD230

Hospital Preparation

Helping you prepare for the big day

Complete bag packing for expectant mommy and baby. I will guide you through writing a birth plan, provide an itemised new baby checklist, handle the scheduling of hospital tours, provide breastfeeding guidance and support, help with car seat installation and manage your baby arrival contact list.

From SGD530

Bed Rest Concierge Service

Keep your family organised and functioning while you complete bed rest

I will provide a Lifestyle Manager that you can entrust to manage your household during your bed rest period. This service includes scheduling of children to and from school and activities, laundry services, grocery shopping, personal errands and more.

From SGD100 per day

Hypnobirthing Doula Package

Improve birth outcome and ease childbirth process

Package includes 2 private prenatal visits, continuous support through phone and email, Birth Support during labour and birth, 1 postnatal visit and 1 session on Baby Massage.


Confinement Nanny Service

28 days of care for new mum and baby

A trained and experienced confinement nanny will help take care of your baby, while you recover from birth. She’ll soothe and bath the baby, change diapers and make sure the child is properly fed. She will also cook delicious and nutritious confinement meals for you to boost maternal strength after the long period of pregnancy. If you prefer, she can also handle the night feedings while you get enough sleep at night.

From SGD2400

Baby Shower / Full Month Party

No mother should organise her own baby shower and baby full month party

Let me help you plan your baby’s first party. We will help with anything start to finish by designing the invitations, decorating, catering, or supervising vendors. I can help a little or completely take charge. I will also coordinate “Thank You” cards. All you have to do is turn up at the party.

From SGD580

Postnatal Jamu Massage Package

Soothe those pregnancy aches away and snap back into shape quickly

This postnatal jamu massage package includes 10 home visits from a professional masseur who has been in the industry for 30 years. Each treatment takes 60 minutes, follows by a medicated bengkung wrap. Most mummies who did the treatments slimmed down just in time for their baby’s full month party.


Special Maternity Concierge Plans

Designed especially for your needs

Need help with a bit of everything? The Chill Mom can provide anything you require with the maternity concierge plans. Nothing is too big or too small. I can design your own personalised plan to suit your needs.

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