I’m excited to announce my book


The Chill Mom:

Secrets To An Enjoyable Pregnancy and Confident Motherhood



The Chill Mom: Secrets To An Enjoyable Pregnancy and Confident Motherhood takes pregnant mothers through the often confusing and overwhelming stage of preparing for a baby, to do less, buy less and to go back to basic by learning to listen to their own instinct. Becoming a mother is the perfect time to reboot, get rid of past baggage and develop good habits that continue to serve us well into motherhood. The book gives mothers practical and simplified, less is more approach to be the calmest, happiest mommy on the block.

After reading this book, you will be able to take pregnancy in your stride, embrace lifestyle changes, and better equipped to listen to your own instinct and trust in your judgment. You will see that a happy and fulfilled motherhood is possible by applying the CHILL mom methods.

The Chill Mom not only walk you through the common worries but also your mental and emotional well-being, relationships and how to balance home and work life.

The Chill Mom aims to help you develop a positive approach to pregnancy, the birth of your baby and early days of motherhood by increasing your self-confidence, encourage you to stay in control and listen to your mother instinct.

The Chill Mom’s topics include:

  • How being a calm and happy mother is better for your baby
  • Overcome common fears of motherhood
  • Tips on beauty and dressing the bump
  • How to have a No Fear Birth
  • Postpartum care and looking after yourself
  • Child caring techniques that work for you
  • Balancing pregnancy and motherhood with career and other responsibilities
  • Minimalist checklists for baby essentials, enlisting help, packing your hospital bag


Author’s bio:

Michelle Hon is a mother of 2, writer and founder of The Chill Mom Baby Planner & Maternity Concierge. A certified early childhood educator and carer, she has helped many busy expectant parents plan and manage the arrival of their babies. Michelle has been featured on The Asian Entrepreneur, The Asian Parent and Harper’s Bazaar. Michelle is also a guest host and pregnancy style expert on tv documentary “Man Birth” which is currently airing on Singapore’s Channel 5. Besides being a contributing editor at The New Age Parents, Michelle shares her motherhood tips and experience on her website at www.thechillmom.com.


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