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Facelift For The Kids Room

Facelift For The Kids Room

You know those room makeovers that look completely unrecognisable after the transformation has been revealed? Well, this is not one of those makeovers. This is just a non-surgical facelift. One that’s easily done with new paint on the walls and a few new pieces of furniture.
Will, This Is Your Birth Story

Will, This Is Your Birth Story

Thursday went by uneventfully. I had mild contractions but they weren’t regular. I’ve been going to the toilet a lot, so that could be the sign. It’s not universal, but it has consistent with your sisters’ birth, so I knew....
Youle Mandarin Centre Review

Youle Mandarin Centre Review

Lauren and Georgia have been attending classes for a term now. Read on to find out what we do in class and what I think about learning Chinese at Youle.
7 Habits To Ditch If You Want To Be A Chill Mom

7 Habits To Ditch If You Want To Be A Chill Mom

I have my hot mess moments too and at times, get frustrated when things don't go as planned. But mostly, I'm quite chill. Here are some of the things I have consciously refrained from doing...


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We'll be going to KidZania this coming school holiday and I think you should come too!
Courtesy of Paddle Pop, known as a children’s ice cream brand that lets kids be kids, I have FIVE pairs of child tickets to be given away to 5 lucky winners!
Accredited by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a healthier choice, Paddle Pop continues to provide a sense of adventure for children through its partnership with KidZania.They believe that allowing children to play in a more interactive and educative environment encourages independence and will develop their sense of responsibility.
I look forward to Lauren working as an ice cream maker and learn about nutritionally responsible snacking while enjoying yummy treats at Paddle Pop Ice Cream Factory in KidZania Singapore. See you there!
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