Palmer's Spray Lotion Review

Today I'm excited to share with you the ultimate lazy body lotion range for busy mums. You know those body butter with instructions like 'slowly massage in circular motion'.... ehmm... who's got time for that?

I also hate, hate, haaaate that thick, sticky texture of many body products. This puts me off mosturising my body, although I should given that I have heredity dry skin and pretty bad stretch marks across my lower tummy from of course, my double pregnancies.

Which is why this new range of moisturising spray lotions by Palmer's is excellent for a busy or lazy (but totally need to mosturise) person like me.

If you are familiar with Palmer's, you would know that the key ingredient in any Palmer's product is of course, Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Butter really is superfood for skin. It is a rich natural moisturizer that provides superior soothing properties and helps skin retain its natural moisture, leaving skin soft and supple. So it is no surprised that the spray lotions contain this key ingredient.

Watch on to find out more....

Back to the products. All are scented and they smell slightly different from each other. Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion Deep Moisture has the best smell, in my opinion. With ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter, it smells like dessert on my skin.

To use, simply twist the top anti-clockwise to unlock the cap. The locking mechnism ensures that there aren't any accidental sprays or leaks if you take it with you while you travel. As recommended, hold the can 3-4 inches from skin and spray in continuous motion. I found that I didn't need to spray too long as the amount dispersed was sufficient. It is also easy to apply on hard-to-reach spots like my back!

Its Rapidsorb ® Technology breaks the lotion up into fine sprays which allows the skin to absorb the lotion quickly. So application takes seconds, and about 2 swipes to 'massage' it in. Seriously. No more sitting around waiting for greasy lotion to sink into the skin. Just spray and go.

The lotions are also parabens and phthlates free and the spray mechanism doesn't use any propellants so all that is released onto your skin is pure product.

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion for Instant Cooling is my favourite of all 3 spray lotions. Not only it is ultra lightweight and delivers all the benefits as the above, it actually makes my skin feels cool. So they are not kidding when they named it 'Instant Cooling'.

I sprayed this on just before I headed out into the hot sun and there was absolutely no stickiness whatsoever. I'm taking this to my Phuket vacation next week. The Aloe Vera formula will be a refreshing treat on skin after spending a whole day on the beach.

At first I thought the light formulation wouldn't be hydrating enough for my super dry skin. But I was wrong. My skin feels well moisturised and remain soft to touch the entire day. After about 3 days of continuous usage, the scaliness on my skin seems to have improved. What do you think?

Palmer's Stretch Mark Spray Lotion is probably the greasiest of the lot. But this fact should NOT scare you off. This is because the whole range of spray lotion is pretty darn lightweight.

This one contains of the superfood pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Soy Lechithin and Bio C-Elaste which is a powerful combination of Centella Asiatica, Collagen, Elastin, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil that absorbs quickly into skin while providing 24 hour stretch mark fighting moisture.

The lotion provides deep moisture, soothes dry itchy skin and supports skin elasticity while reduce the chances of scarring and markings on skin

Slight improvement for ONE week but according to this video below, stretch marks do fade overtime, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The video has some very interesting myths and facts about stretch marks, so have a look if you are curious to find out more.

You can find Palmer's Stretch Mark Spray Lotion (S$29.90, Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion Deep Moisture S$17.90/200g, Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion For Instant Cooling ($17.90) at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and leading cosmetic stores.

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Our Family Photoshoot With Cloud Productions

I didn't have high expectation for the photos to turn out well. After all, the entire photoshoot was an alternate between Lauren bursting into tears and us trying to make the kids laugh.

I will preface this with the day before the shoot. I was sick. A waterfall flowed down my nose pretty much for the entire day until I overdosed on Zyrtec liquid. How? In my woozy state of mind, I remembered the dose for kids is 5 drops twice a day. For adults, 20 drops and I assumed it is twice a day too. It is not. I read the instruction as the second dose went down my throat. Too late.

The shooting day. I got a quick hair trim, shoved a kebab down my throat for lunch, put kids to nap, went to Hadara Chill Mom to meet my readers, rushed home, made sure we packed everything and took a cab to Botanical Gardens for the photoshoot at 5pm. I was exhausted by the time I got there.

We forgot to pack Georgia's milk. Perfect. Took the baby into the stuffy public toilet to breastfeed. Lauren thought I was doing something fun with Georgia and joined us in our tiny cubicle. 10 minutes later, with melted make-up, sweaty kids, we were ready for our first ever family photoshoot.

I think we look pretty good eh? The photographs turned out way better than I thought. 

Luckily for us, our photographer Irene is a pro at photoshoots which involve young children. She isn't frazzled by Lauren's moodiness or her constant running away from the 'set'. Apparently it is all part of the job for her. 

She brought mini animal clips to keep Lauren and Georgia occupied and looking happy momentarily to be captured on photo. If you haven't notice, she brought lollipop for Lauren too, which appears in almost all the photos because Lauren refused to let it go. Until today, Lauren still speaks of jie-jie (sister) lollipop fondly.

I received all 96 photos just 3 days later. Impressive turn around time. Cloud Productions informed me that the usual waiting time is 2 weeks, but customers usually get their high resolutions soft copies earlier than 2 weeks as soon as it is ready.

We didn't really prepare for the photoshoot, but if you are keen, here's a post on outdoor photography tips which are very helpful.

If you haven't had a family photoshoot before, I highly recommend it. Yes, it was a bit of a disaster for us, but guess what? It will all become part of the story that goes with the photos. And the value of those photographs? Priceless. The kids are growing everyday and there won't be another time.

Special Promotion!

Cloud Productions is running a special promotion from now until 30th Aug 2015. If you are considering having a family photoshoot, hurry and sign up!

For the first 20 bookings, you get 10% Cashback too. Booking will be confirmed upon full deposit payment received. The only catch is the photoshoot must take place before 31st Sept 2015.

Not convinced yet? Check out the 90+ good reviews on their Facebook page.

About Cloud Productions
They are a team of 4 photographers, with each bringing out different style in their photos. What Cloud Productions does best is bringing out beautiful natural shots of people, their photos style are usually bright & happy. They specialize in maternity, children & family outdoor photoshoot, and provide photography service at kids parties too.

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Eyebrow Embroidery at Browtisan Review

eyebrow embroidery singapore
The night before I went down to Browtisan, I told Nick that I'm getting eyebrow embroidery, he was like, "No! Those ugly tattooed brow?"

"No, it is not like that. This is suppsed to be more natural, done stand by strand." I replied, sounded very sure.

The truth is I was still very nervous. I've spent many months reading MANY articles and blog post about eyebrow embroidery and I still wasn't 100% convinced. Is it really painless? Will it be natural looking? Damn it, if I hate the shape of the brow, it is PERMANENT!!!! I later found out it lasts only a few years, but still.

I had decided to take the plunge. I just can't go around with two half brows anymore. I'm seen the transformations on some of my fellow mommy bloggers, and they look GOOD. I want nice brows too, and I want it from the best.

I deduced that the best place to get my eyebrow done is at Browtisan. Yes, the service at Browtisan is sponsored but I received a couple of offers for the same service before. I turned them down because I wasn't sure. I mean, eyebrows are very important features. I'm not about to let just anyone touch them just because it is free. If I stuff it up, I will end up looking angry or just plain weird, ALL THE TIME.

See these beautiful eyebrows done at Browtisan, and tell me you are not tempted.

Nice, right?
I've done my research. All Browtisan's customers are happy. The owner, Coco has been in the industry for 21 years and she used to be a trainer in beauty school specialising in eyebrow embroidery. She was also a judge at the Annual Asia Art of Eyebrow Competition last year. I didn't know there's such competition either.

eyebrow embroidery singapore

Ok, enough with my rambling and let me share some photos of the day that change my life. I'm being dramatic. Let me try again. Here are some photos taken at Browtisan, the day I said goodbye to my eyebrow pencil forever. Or a least a few years.

Eyelash extension

Coco carefully explained the different types of eyelashes shapes that are available at Browtisan and suggested the one that she thinks works best for the shape of my eyes. I happily agreed with her recommendation. After my eyelashes are curled up using a warm eyelash curler, each lash is glued on one by one to my natural lashes. The whole procedure took an hour. In the meantime, Coco also put on a pair of eye mask for me. She is just so thoughtful. The result is sexy, long lashes that makes my eyes appear bigger and fresh. I absolutely love it.

eyelash singapore

Eyebrow embroidery

To save time, numbing cream was applied half way through the eyelash extension procedure. It takes about 30 minutes to take effect. Coco then 'designed' my eyebrow for me, based on my bone structure, complexion, natural brow hair direction. She drew the shape with an eyebrow pencil and asked for my opinion. This procedure alone took 40 minutes. It is very important to get the shape right before we go ahead with the 'embroidery'. I was at first a bit reluctant with the thicker, straighter brow that she designed for me. But now I'm glad I listened to her. 

After agreeing to the shape, we proceeded to the treatment room. Eyebrow embroidery is done on the epidermis (superficial) layer of the skin with minimum intrusion, so you shouldn’t see any blood in the entire process. It is a semi-permanent procedure, often lasting 2 to 4 years. And it is definitely a lot more natural as compared to eyebrow tattoos. 

Coco uses the latest Swiss microscopic amplification technology to ensure every single eyebrow stroke more refined, accurate, and detailed. All blades are brand new to ensure no cross infection.

So does it hurt? I'm sure you are thinking the same because that was my BIGGEST worry about the procedure. No, it doesn't because numbing cream was applied before the procedure. You will feel some tugging at the skin when the blade hits the skin but it isn't painful. However, my body seems to digest anesthesia very quickly, so towards the end when Coco was working on the last few strokes, I felt the stings. Coco immediate reapplied more numbing liquid, and the pain was gone again.`

coco qi
The incisions are done lying down and sitting up because our skin falls differently in both positions. So by being upright, Coco can assess the shape of the newly embroidered eyebrow more accurately. She checked and rechecked many times. I gotta give it to her for being super meticulous.

Done! See how natural each strand looks!

Home aftercare and recovery

Using the gel and tape Coco provided, I carefully apply it over the eyebrows before washing my face. I went to bed with the brows still feeling a little raw, and a little stingy too. Nick was impressed that it looks so natural.


Above photo shows how the brow looks like the very next morning. It has darken and thicken as the area is a little swollen. I woke up feeling slightly better. It doesn't hurt or stings anymore but I'm still aware that it is there. It's like you have cut yourself, it no longer hurts but it didn't completely go away either. I also found 3 lashes on my pillow. No washing face in the morning. Just a good, careful wipe.

I went out to a playdate fearing people might stare but my friend said she was more mesmerised by my long and luscious eyelashes to notice the eye brow. Haha!

By day 3, I was totally nailing the 'water protection' process by now. It took me less than a minute. I'm also getting used to the dark and bushy eyebrow look. Oh so very Cara Delevingne.

By day 5, the scabs started to peel and fall off. Parts of the eyebrows looked lighter than the rest. I would say this is the worst part of the whole healing process. Coco had told me NOT to peel the scabs as the colour might come off as a result. But I was impatient. I scrubbed some area to even the brow out. This probably caused holes is some part of the brow. My bad. *cringe*

But by day 7, it has lightened considerably. The eyebrow looks very natural now. In fact I had a hard time plucking my natural hairs because I can't tell which is which!

Coco had warned me the possibility of having 'holes' or parts of the brow that look lighter than the rest. So a complimentary touch up after 4 weeks is compulsory. Nevertheless, I'm very pleased with the result so far. Do follow me on Instagram to see how my eye brow looks after the touch up!

This photo is taken 4 weeks after. By the way, the eyelashes last about 3-4 weeks for me.


Eyebrow Embroidery: From $1380 Onwards
Eyelash Extension: From $98 Onwards

With the beautiful brow expert, Coco of Browtisan.

402 Orchard Road #03-17 Delfi Orchard Singapore |T: 6235 2355 | Website | Facebook

PS: Guide to buying the right clothes online.

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block Review

If there is only one thing I can teach my daughters about beauty, I would tell them the importance of sunscreen. Why? Because beauty starts from having healthy skin. Also because I took sun protection lightly when I was younger and now have to live with pigmentation. Yes, yes, there are products that lighten them but I'm gonna quote the cliche 'Prevention is better than cure' in this case.

Did you know?

- Protecting your skin during the first 18 years of life can reduce the risk of some types of skin cancer by up to 78%.
- Severe sunburn during the first 15 years of life can double the risk of skin cancer.
- You can get sun damaged even on a cloudy day! Up to 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate light clouds, mist, and fog.

Yikes! And so, I now use broad spectrum sunscreen on my face/neck/chest every single day. To stop sun damage. Premature aging. And to stop pigmentation, in its tracks. Or worst, skin cancer. Especially since we live in a country that has summer all year long.

Which sun protection should you use?

It is entirely up to you but here are some facts about suncare to help you make the right decision:

Sun Protection factor (SPF)
Measures how long you can stay in the sun without the sunscreen before getting burned.
For example – Applying a sunscreen with SPF 30 means it will take 30 minutes longer for your skin to get burn.
PF protection alone is not enough as it measures the protection against the sunburn caused by UVB rays only – not UVA.

PA rating
A sunscreen with a PA rating means it blocks UVA rays.
The more the “+” signs it has, the higher the UVA protection.
Protection against UVA rays is important because UVA rays have a longer wavelength and they penetrate deeper into the skin, contributing to premature aging and skin cancer.

Today, I'm reviewing 2 sunscreen from #1 Dermatologist-recommended brand, Neutrogena that fulfill all the conditions above Neutrogena Ultra Sheer UV Waterlight and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, both with SPF 50+ and PA rating of 3 +'s.

Both sunscreen comes with Helioplex™.

What is Helioplex™?

To protect skin from the harmful effects of UV light, Neutrogena has introduced revolutionary HelioplexTM technology that contains FDA-approved sunscreens covering the full UVA and UVB spectrum.
Though many sunscreens offer protection from UVA rays, this protection starts to break down when your skin is exposed to the sun. HelioplexTM prevents this from happening by stabilizing UVA protection so that even under highly intensive sunlight, you can be assured that your sun protection does its job more effectively over a longer period of time (up to 5 – 6 hours).

My verdict

One of the reasons I skip sunscreen when I was younger was that I hated the stickiness that comes with most sunscreen. They tend to make my face looks shiny and leaves a whitish tint on my face.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer UV Waterlight and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch however are very lightweight and matte. Both smell very fresh, and absorb into the skin quickly without any trace of stickiness.

See how runny and 'waterlight' it is?

After application of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer UV Waterlight on my face. Non sticky and none of that white tint that I hate.

I like that it comes in handy 30ml size. It fits nicely into my bag for reapplication throughout the day.

The difference between the two is that Neutrogena Ultra Sheer UV Waterlight is for face and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch can be used on your face and body.

I swapped baby Geogia's sunscreen with the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch when we attend her swimming lessons now. The instructor told us NOT to put any sunscreen on our babies because they may be slippery and hard for us to hold on to our babies. But with the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, it doesn't feel like I applied anything on Georgia at all and I can get a strong grip on her. So yes, it is really thaaaat dry, perfect for hot and humid Singapore.


Neutrogena is the #1 dermatologist recommended suncare brand in USA (based on 2014 Dermatologist Recommended Study conducted by Gfk ) and is one of the few brands in Singapore that boasts suncare protection for both the face and body. Overall, Neutrogena has a wide range of cleansers, make-up removers, moisturizers and whitening solutions, and is the #1 dermatologist recommended in USA (*Based on 2014 Dermatologist Recommended Study conducted by Gfk for Over-the-Counter skincare category)

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