My Trip To London Weight Management

I visited London Weight Management last week. "What? Why? But you are so skinny!" - yes, I hear you. That was exactly what my helper said when I told her where I was heading that afternoon. While I may look 'skinny' because of my long limbs, my waist and tummy have always been my main concern. Muffin tops and jelly belly. Even more so after 2 pregnancies.

So when London Weight Management invited me for a review session, I was curious to find out what exactly happens during a slimming treatment.

I arrived at their outlet on the dot at the appointed time. After less than a minute wait, I was ushered to get my height and weight taken. Consultant-therapist, Glynnis explained that for my height, the ideal weight is 52.2kg but my current weight of 54.1kg is still okay lah - her exact words. After which, we went through a list of health and eating habits questionnaires, which I figured is to determine if the Lavender Lipo Treatment is suitable for me.

She also kindly explained how fats are accumulated in our body and how each step of the treatment is targeted towards inches and fat loss. By then, I was anxious to get started and see some results.

So let's get started and I'll explain how each step works as we go along.

Step 1: Aroma Steam Bath (15 minutes)

Individual steam bath cubicles are provided. None of those awkward moment of being half naked in front of other customers. I was free to relax in the comfort of my private steam cubicle. This step is supposed to soften dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and open up pores for better product absorption.

Step 2: Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment (30 minutes)

I was thoroughly scrubbed with Lavender Sea Salt Scrub and then wrapped up like a dumpling with The Infrared Warm Blanket here. It was nice having someone scrubbed my back, legs and all those hard to reach areas.

My skin isn't sensitive but the salt scrub feels a tad coarse and may be unsuitable for someone with sensitive skin. If you do, please tell your consultant-therapist. She will be able customise the best treatment accordingly.

I'm not a sweaty person. I could run a mile and not break a sweat. But under the blanket, I perspired buckets. I felt sweats dripping off my body. I imagined all those toxin oozing out at the same time. By the end of it, there were small pools of water underneath my body.

It took a while getting used to the Infrared Warm Blanket though. It was reaaaaally warm. But eventually, I felt myself slowly letting go and drifted off to sleep.

This step is supposed to help with reducing water retention and increasing metabolic rate.

Step 3: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (45 minutes)

After a shower to rinse off the sweat and sea salt, I was brought into another room for this treatment. Fat burn ampoule was rubbed on targeted areas like my tummy, love handles, thighs and arms. Then, flat pads that sends small currents of glavanic waves that help build lean muscle mass and quicken fat-burning was attached to those areas too.

Basically this machine does all the exercising for you. You could just lie back and sleep if you want. Perfect for people who hates working out.

Was it uncomfortable? A little. But was it painful? No at all. Early disclaimer: I'm a wuss, in case you are wondering if I have high pain tolerance.

Apparently, some people lose 8-22cm around the body instantly with this treatment.

So did I lose any inches? Can I see or feel any difference?

Ta-da! You can see here that I lost a total of 8cm and 600g. Not bad for one treatment. So in case you are wondering if those claims on TV are true, I can be an example. If a 'mostly skinny' person like me lost weight, imagine what it could do for a heavier person. Of course, the treatment should be done along with a healthy lifestyle and diet too.

I like that the Lavender Slimming Treatment uses 100% natural botanical formulations. You will also be assigned one professionally trained dedicated therapist throughout the whole treatment package. She will provide advice, monitor your progress and customise your treatment according on your progress and individual body condition.

The Lavender Slimming Treatment is exclusively for first-time female customers who are troubled by:

- Overall Weight Gain
- Genetic Obesity
- Post-natal Weight Gai
- Flabby Arms
- Bulging Tummy
- Heavy Thighs
- Cellulite
- Water Retention

To find out if the treatment is suitable for you, call London Weight Management at their hotline: 6222 1234

London Weight Management
10 outlets nationwide
Monday – Saturday 11am to 9 pm
Sunday 11am to 8 pm
Public Holidays 11am to 7pm

Alternatively, you can redeem a FREE session on Sample Store here:

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Do The Mozzie Wipeout NOW!

I used to think dengue happens to people who live in a slum. People far, far away from me, people I don't know. Despite seeing those warning TV advertisements, I thought, well, it is just a fever right? No big deal! I will survive. Besides, I can't be so unlucky right?

I was wrong. And naive. People die from dengue. It is not just a fever, and it happened to my brother, twice! No, he didn't die, but it was serious and no, he doesn't live in a slum.

Dengue happens in our clean and modern Singapore. There were more than 18,300 and 22,000 dengue cases reported last year and in 2013 respectively. Although the number of cases so far in January and March this year is lower compared to the same period last year, it is still a threat and a majority  of  mosquito breeding habitats are found in homes.

Yes, your house and mine could be breeding ground to these nasty creatures.
Needless to say, it scared the living hell out of me. I don't want Lauren or Georgia to contract dengue; I don't want them to get bitten by mosquitoes, Aedes or not. All it takes is one bite. This is why I’ve resolved to not take chances and check regularly for stagnant water in and around the house.

Government Effort

I was at the launch of 'Do The Mozzie WipeOut' Campaign 2015 last weekend. It is an effort by NEA, Singapore's National Environment Agency, to create awareness and alert the public on dengue prevention. You may have seen campaign ads on TV and newspapers by now.
Ms Garce Fu, Second Minister for The Environment and Water Resources officiated the campaign and handed out Dengue Fighter kits to community at Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre last Sunday.
Left: Student volunteers helped handing out the Dengue Fighter Kit.
Right: The Dengue Fighter Kit contains mosquito repellent, sand granular insecticide that kills mosquito larvae and prevents breeding in places where water cannot be removed, travel pillow that reminds us to do an inspection before leaving for holiday, and warning stickers to be stuck on potential breeding spots like water containers and/or flower pot plates.
NEA is continually improving its dengue control programme. Last year, NEA announced that they were exploring the possibility of using Wolbachia-carrying male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes -which do not bite or transmit disease - to help suppress the Aedes mosquito population in Singapore. The eggs produced from the matings between Wolbachia-carrying male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes in the wild do not hatch. An independent and comprehensive impact assessment will be conducted to ensure the safety of using the  Wolbachia technology in Singapore.

NEA has also deployed more than 4,000 Gravitraps – you may have seen them near your home. The equipment catches female adult mosquitoes looking to lay eggs and stops the escape of any mosquitoes that may have developed from eggs laid in the trap. These Gravitraps provide surveillance on the mosquito population in areas where they are deployed and assist in the timely deployment of dengue control measures. NEA intends to expand the programme and roll out more Gravitraps later this year. Check out this handy infographic about Gravitraps here:

How can we do our part?

Simple. Just do the 5 Step Mozzie Wipeout.

1. Turn over water storage containers
2.  Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days
3.  Change water in vases/bowls on alternate days
4.  Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use
5.  Clear blockages and put Bti insecticide in roof gutters monthly

Go on. Do it now. No.. not in a minute. NOW! The internet can wait.

And by the way, do it on alternate days. Right after you brush your teeth, before breakfast. Or the other way round. Doesn't matter. Just make it part of your routine. Mosquito eggs can hatch into larvae in less than a day!

Denying Aedes mosquitoes a place to breed by removing stagnant water is still the most effective method to prevent dengue transmissions; hence the community is encouraged to do the Mozzie Wipeout. In this case, it is ok to be a 'kay poh' and look out for your neighbours too. NEA officers alone cannot eliminate all mosquito breeding habitats. Remember when I mentioned that a majority  of mosquito breeding habitats  are found in homes? Don't make me show you the gross photo of mosquitoes again.

Keep your family safe. For updates on dengue prevention and dengue situation in Singapore, join Stop Dengue Now Facebook page.

Dengue Singapore

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Let's Get Pampered At Hadara This Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day this coming May, I'm co-organising a cozy afternoon tea for my lovely readers at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique. And of course, YOU are invited!

On the day, you will be pampered with:

  +Hadara's award-winning Sparkling Eye Therapy*. Remember my review here?
  +Sumptuous finger food and tea
  +Goodie bag worth $119

Did I mention all of the above is complimentary? 

The only thing I need you to do is let me know if you can make it, by signing up here. The sooner we know the final number of attendees, the better we can organise the party!

*Because of time and treatment rooms limitation, only the first 10 sign ups get to enjoy the Sparkling Eye Therapy. All the more reason for signing up!

Besides moi, you will also get to meet inspiring moms and founders of Dermagold - Dr Grace Ling, Dr Lim Luping and CEO of Hadara - YY Low. We are a friendly bunch and will be happy to dish out our beauty and body care secrets on the day.

Hadara Chill Mom
Date: 16th May 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 1-3pm
Location: Hadara Aesthetics Boutique
                23 Lorong Telok #01-01, Singapore 049035
                Tel: 6969 3022
Complimentary. Bookings are essential as slots are limited.

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You Can Stop Offering Me Drinks

Singapore lifestyle blog

I've come to a realisation. Or rather I've made up my mind to stop drinking from today onwards. Well, that doesn't sound right. It makes me sound like an alcoholic. I'm quite the opposite actually. I have NEVER enjoyed drinking in my life. There, I've said it.

Even back in my party till dawn days, I've never liked alcoholic drinks. I don't like the way they taste, and I don't like feeling drunk. I get tipsy after 2 sips, by the way.

But somehow I felt ashamed to admit the fact that I simply do not enjoy drinking. I usually take forever to decided what to drink when I'm handed the menu. There is nothing on there I'd rather drink than plain water. But it is uncool to drink plain water on a night out, right?

My excuses are 'I'm not well', 'early work the next day', 'had too much' although I barely had a drop and lately, it was pregnancy and breastfeeding. When I'm tired of declining, I'd just hold on to the same glass for an entire night.

To those who have 'drank' with me during my year as operation manager at Velvet, I'm sorry. That glass of drink I was toasting with, was just green tea. And those champagne that you poured for me were often left to sit on the table.

I think the turning point came when I was at a friend's birthday party last weekend. The time came when the party kicked up a notch and everyone started downing shots. I realised I can't hide behind my glass of Sprite anymore. I will never be part of the 'gang'. I've finally come to term that I need to come out from my 'non-drinker' closet and that's ok.

Friends can stop offering me drinks and I can stop making excuses. It makes everyone's life easier. And my friends will still love me, I hope.

To non-drinkers out there, cheers.

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Postnatal Pilates at Focus Pilates (Review and Giveaway)

 focus pilates singapore
One of the most common questions my readers ask me is how to regain our figure after childbirth. Losing weight is relatively easy. But toning up our midsection (read: jelly belly) is much harder. So when Focus Pilates invited me to review their Postnatal Pilates package, I said yes, although conscious exercise isn't actually my thing.

For many months now, those beautiful body skimming dresses in my closet have been calling out to me but I can't put them on. Because you know, if I do, I run the risk of people asking if I'm pregnant again. I'm desperate to tone up my midsection in order to wear more clothes.

Focus Pilates Postnatal Package includes:

+ 1 x 30 minute Real Time Ultrasound session with a physiotherapist
My session with Anna Garden - an internationally qualified Senior Physiotherapist was a very interesting and information experience. Using an ultrasound machine (not unlike the ones at your ob-gyn clinic), she determines how strong my Pelvic (Kegel) muscle is. Mine could hold for only 4-5 seconds before other muscles are activated to support the hold. In other word, weak.

I'm been exercising it every now and then, pre and post birth. I was told by my ob-gyn that it helps with childbirth and the recovery afterward. But I didn't know for sure if I'm working the right muscle prior to this. Do you?

Also, have you heard people (especially moms) say 'I'm laughing so hard I'm peeing in my pants'? Apparently, it is something that can be corrected if we have strong pelvic muscle.

Like many postnatal moms, I'm also suffering from Diastasis Recti. It means my abdominal wall is split apart down the middle, result from growing uterus pushing against the abdominal wall during pregnancy. In fact, 30-40% of all pregnancies will cause diastasis.

Mine is about 2 fingers apart and half an inch deep. Luckily, Anna told me that with the right exercises, my split abdominal muscles can be brought back together. Whew! However, some of the wrong abs exercises to do if you have diastasis are planks, sit-ups and crunches, which may potentially force the muscles further apart. Who knew?

 + 2 x 60 minute private Pilates sessions

I had been to one pilates class more than 10 years ago, and did not return. I didn't know the correct postures and was doing it all wrong. I sprained myself in the process.

This time, working one on one with a personal instructor, the experience is very different. And of course, waaaay better for a novice like me. The workout is tailored, and works to strengthen my midsection and help with the diastasis.

The personal instructor was able to talk me through the correct posture for each exercises we did. Posture is very important in Pilates because if you don’t focus on isolating certain parts of your body, you might miss out on doing the exercise right and getting the benefits. When I’m doing really difficult exercises, I often forget to keep my abdominals engaged, and she was able to remind me throughout the class.

I also learn the terms for some of the common moves in Pilates and how to set up the reformer. So I wouldn't be a duck out of water when I join the group classes.

postnatal exercise
This is how a reformer looks like. It’s basically this moving carriage thing that has weights and different straps and stuff for arm and leg workouts. 
I didn't sweat at all at my first session and came out thinking,"I can actually do this. Too easy!" Guess what? My abs, back muscle and inner thigh was sore for the next 3 days.

My 2nd session with the personal instructor was a much tougher. She joked that the first session was just a teaser. After the session ended, I could barely walk on my way home. But I LOVE IT!

+ 5 x 60 minute group reformer Pilates classes
focus pilates singapore
I graduated to group classes after my private sessions. I was still a little unsure of the moves, so I attended a fundamental beginner class. The class is pretty much the same as private class where the instructor patiently explain name and moves of each exercises. I found that exercises in fundamental beginner are easier than my second private class.

So if you've been to a private session, don't worry about it and go straight to a reformer beginner group class. If you haven't had any private session, this class is a good place to start.

I had great experiences at Focus Pilates group classes. Every time the class ended, I find myself wishing it lasted a little longer. The studio can only accommodate up to 10 participants (there were only 4-5 participants at most of my classes), meaning the internationally qualified Polestar Pilates instructor is able to pay more attention on each and every participant.

What I like about the reformer is that it is really a full body workout, targeting functional muscles (gives us good postures) that are hardly used in our day to day sedentary life. Besides the abs which is activated a LOT in Pilates, we work the arms, legs, chest, glutes and a lot of inner thigh too.

+10% off a Maternity Photography Package at BambooShoots Photo

Priced at $485 for all of the above, I think the Postnatal Pilates Package is great for moms who would like to get back into a fitness programme gently. It is important is that post-baby exercise takes into consideration the changes which have occurred to the body, and focus on regaining pelvic floor strength and stability, to ensure that the body quickly and safely returns to its pre-pregnancy state.

Mother's Day Promotion

For those of you who are interested, Focus Pilates will be celebrating mums all month long, and have organised an array of promotions and an exclusive event for all you deserving mamas.

*A complimentary 45-minute Trial class on a Pilates Reformer

*All mums who purchase any Pilates package will go in the draw to win one of three great prizes including: a $300 Lorna Jane voucher, a package of five Group Reformer Pilates classes, and a Adeva Spa voucher valued at over $190.

*Exclusive complimentary health talk on the Real Time Ultrasound; essential for those who are expecting, or mummies with a little one. Lead by internationally qualified Senior Physiotherapist, Anna Garden, this educational talk will delve into a discussion on core and pelvic floor strength and stability, and how the Real Time Ultrasound can provide non-invasive muscle feedback, ultimately improving one’s Pilates performance and results. All participants will be entitled to 20% off a private Real Time Ultrasound session.

Date: 11.00am – 12.00 noon
Time: Friday 8th May, 2015
Location: Orchard Road Studio

Bookings are essential for the complimentary talk and class as places are limited. Please contact Focus Pilates on 6733 8785 / 6235 3938, or


Focus Pilates has kindly offer ONE Postnatal Pilates Package (yes, the whole package!!) worth $485 to be given away to one of my lucky reader. To take part, simple leave your name and email address in the comment box below. Simple, right?

This giveaway contest ends Tuesday, 28 April 2015. Winner will be announced on Wednesday 29 April 2015, here and on my Facebook page. Good luck!


Orchard Road | 6733 8785 | 
Raffles Place | 6235 3938 |

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5 Minutes Make Up Tips For Busy Moms

I still remember those days when I used to travel as a model with my best friend, Suzanne. She would spend hours in the bathroom doing her make-up, and yet emerged completely au-naturel afterwards. It is something I had come to master too, of course, because clients always want to see the real us during castings or auditions. And by real, I mean light make-up that hides imperfections while showcasing your best features.

Today, I'm going to share how to do that au-naturel daytime make-up (so people would think it is your natural beauty, and not cosmetics) in under 10 minutes. Scratch that, who has 10 minutes? As a mom, I have about 5 minutes before one of the kids wails like she hasn't seen me in a year.

Step 1 (1 minute):
Mix a 10cents-sized amount of sunscreen lotion and concealer in the palm of your hand, creating a foundation with thickness to your liking. More mosturiser + little concealer = lighter coverage. Increase the amount of concealer if you need more coverage. The whole point is to create a light tint that hides zits/scars/dark eyes circles, not a thick mask of foundation.

With middle or ring finger tips, dab it under eyes using short, quick strokes, starting from inner corner working downward and outwards towards the the outer corner.

Now, swipe the rest of the 'foundation' on the face, starting from the nose, towards the forehead, cheeks and chin. Finger pat everything in.

Step 2 (30 seconds):
Using a flat facial sponge, pat a little powder or two way cake on areas that feels 'sticky to touch' to set the foundation.

Step 3 (40 seconds):
Using an eyebrow pencil, just fill in the gaps in your eyebrow with light feathery strokes. Brush over with a eyebrow brush to soften the colour to give it a more a natural look.

If you are unsure how to shape your eyebrow, here is a tutorial.

Since I had my eyebrows embroidered last month, I could skip this step too. Full review will be up in 2 weeks time. Watch this space :)

Step 4 (40 seconds):
Curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler for about 20 seconds on each side. I love Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Mine lasted 3 years and counting.

Step 5 (1 minute):
Apply your mascara by wiggling the brush of your mascara, back and forth at the roots, and upwards. This way, the lash line would be dark enough, thus no need for eyeliner.

Step 6 (30 seconds):
Apply blush using a large brush. Instead of applying it on the apple of my cheeks, I prefer brushing outside in. Starting just in front of the ear, under the cheekbones, blending downwards and inwards. I find this method makes your face looks more contoured and sophisticated, instead of having 2 red blobs on the cheeks.

Step 6 (40 seconds):
If you are like me, and don't like the stickiness of gloss on your lip, try this instead. A coat of lip balm on your lips. Using a lip brush, dab a little colour from your favourite lipstick and spread the colour onto your lips, creating a light tint of 'natural' colour. Otherwise, a tinted lip gloss is all you need!

There you have it. My quick make-up routine for days when you want to be a little more presentable. What is your number one time saving tips for make-up?

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42 Recipes For Toddler

This post sat in my draft box for some time now. So pardon the next paragraph/intro I wrote more than a year ago when Lauren turned 1 year old.

Just when I thought I have mastered the art of making baby purees, Lauren became a toddler and suddenly mashed food doesn't cut it anymore. She is now ready to take on more variety of food and flavours. But she isn't quite ready to eat adult meals that may have too much spices and salt either.

Here is a list of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ideas that's yummy enough for adults as well as suitable for toddlers. This should last you a whole week, with different recipes for every meal time, every day. I've also included some yummy vegetable recipes and a list of freezer friendly meals that you can make in advance.


Berry bircher muesli
Basic pancake
Gluten free banana pancake
Apple and cheddar quesadilla
Raisin bran breakfast muffins
Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion

Photo from
Mini quiches
Tofu bites
Lemony fish bites
Chicken noodle soup
Ham and cheese egg sandwich
Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich
Chicken and ginger congee

Photo from
Potato topped tuna pie
Chicken meatballs
First fish meal
Cantonese fried rice
Fish chowder with croutons
Linguine with easy meat sauce
Pork and sweet corn noodle soup 

Freezer friendly

Mac & cheese with sneaky pumpkin
Egg muffins
Toddler bolognese
Ham and bean soup
Meatballs with sneaky vegetables
Chicken, brown rice and vegetable casserole

Vegetable power
Photo from
Eggplant pizza
Vegetable lentil soup
Grilled rainbow peppers
Zucchini oven chips
Butternut squash soup
Broccoli casserole

Photo from
Dried fruits
Baked sweet potato fries
Homemade sugarless cookies
Chocolate peanut butter smoothie
Raisin and oatmeal cookies
Berries and cut fruits like papaya, watermelon, apples and pears

Bookmark this page or pin image below so you can have these recipes at your fingertips. What is your go-to recipes for toddlers?

PS: Yummy kids party food ideas.
PPS: If your child is still a baby, you might like these baby puree ideas too.

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7 First Aid Videos Every Parents (and Child Carer) Must Watch

In a perfect world, accident doesn't happen. But in real life, especially young kids, are bound to get bumps and cuts at least once in their life. I've done first aid course during my child care studies but I find watching these videos helps refresh my memory, just in case anything untoward were going to happen to my kids. Let's hope we never have to perform any of these first aid treatments.

How to perform infant and toddler CPR

How to treat burn / scald

What to do when baby is choking
Babies are always stuffing things into their mouth. That is how they learn about the world around them. When they choke on a small object or a piece of sandwich, sticking your finger down a young child's throat to dislodge it won't work.

For older kids or adults, you would have to perform abdominal thrust (formerly known as the Heimlich Manuever)

How to stop nose bleed in a child

How to treat cuts and stop bleeding

Home remedies for diarrhea and vomiting in young children
If the child doesn't have a case of dehydration and fever (which you should immediately bring him/her to seek medical attention), here is a good video on how to treat them at home.

Time to call 999
Basically, if your child is not breathing or can't regain consciousness, call 995 (Singapore Emergency Ambulance service), or your local emergency number. Here is a list of what is considered emergency and what not. This is not a first aid skill but when necessary, getting medical help earliest possible is a matter of life and death.

PS: Prevent your child from getting lost in a crowded place.

*This post is featured as part of Blogger 52 Project.

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Public Speaking Holiday Camp

Singapore parenting blog
My niece, Mithraa and nephew, Rohan visit me every school holiday. Yes, they do love me that much. We've been to USS, River Safari, Legoland and Legoland... well, you get the gist.

So being the good aunt that I clearly am, I thought they should do something educational instead and enrolled them into Public Speaking Holiday Camp at Speech Academy Asia.

When they first heard about it, they both didn't share any of my enthusiasm. You see, Mithraa is very shy. Rohan on the other hand, is extremely fearless but his idea of a holiday is to sleep in and play. After some persuasion on my sister part, they finally gave in and agreed to attend the camp

I truly believe being able to speak eloquently is more important than academic excellence. Good speech and linguistics skills helps in all aspects of life, from professional life to social life. Have you noticed that most successful people in the world are also brilliant communicators? How are you going to communicate your great ideas and lead others if you are shy and uncomfortable speaking in front of others?

How does it work

Conducted over 2 days, we (my sis and I) dropped the kids off at Speech Academy Asia office in the morning, went shopping and picked them up at 4pm. It gives us much needed adults-only time to catch up. The program is perfect for parents who wants to get rid of their kids aged 5 to 16 over the school holidays.

As for the kids, I was told by my niece and nephew, they had an introduction session, followed by a get to know your camp mates game. There were team building war games, and other confidence building and speaking exercises as well. By the way, lunch is provided too.

But what amazed me is that both Mithraa and Rohan can't wait to go back the next day. My shy niece even made a few friends. To put into context, she has only 1 friend after being in her new school for a whole year.

At the end of 2nd day, there is a graduation ceremony where parents get to watch before and after speech video of each of the participant. The trainer shares each child's strengths and weaknesses in the session too. I was present and I must say I was very impressed by the improvement shown by kids.

To watch a 'before' and 'after' video, click here.

Kids's verdict

Me: So kids, did you have fun? What do you think of the camp? Would you like to attend again?
Mithraa (9 years old): Hmm.. ok.
Me: "What did you learn?"
Mithraa: Teacher said I must speak louder. Look into the camera and be aware of my hands movement when I speak.

Rohan (7 years old): Yes! Yes! Yes! (He told his mom he wants to study in Singapore. He thought schools in Singapore are conducted like the camp and in his own words - "It is awesome!")

Parent's verdict

Mithraa's and Rohan's 'after' speeches are definitely clearer and shown much improvement. Whether they will remember the techniques and pointers, I supposed it is up to the individual child and their parents to continue working on their strengths and weaknesses.

Next holiday programme

If you are interested in developing your children speech presentation and confidence at Speech Asia Academy this coming school holiday, here are the dates and a discount code for you.

Public Speaking Holiday Camp
4-5 June 2015
11-12 June 2015
18-19 June 2015

Confidence Holiday Camp
9-10 June 2015
16-17 June 2015

Price : $550 | Duration: 2 days, 9am-4pm.

Early bird: $495 (10% off, valid until 30 April 2015)
Quote 'TheChillMom' to get extra $30 off every ticket. Applicable for regular and early bird price.

public speaking workshop for kids
Let your child gain the courage and quick thinking needed to communicate ideas & feelings for a happier and highly successful life.
Speech Academy Asia is a training company that conducts public speaking, social skills, corporate communications courses, workshops and classes. They offer their training courses to schools, corporate, and members of public who wishes to improve themselves. Their systematic methodology SPEECH LINGUISTIC PATTERNS™ develops the fundamental aspects of good public speaking: Body language, voice, emotional control, selling skills, charisma, speech crafting, stage dynamics, and influencing techniques.

Website | Facebook | e: | +65 6565 7977

PS: Hmm... I'm now tempted to join their upcoming Public Speaking Workshop for adults. It will be on 13 June 2015. Shall I? Anyway, if you are interested, you can find the info here. I think my discount code works for that too. No harm in trying! :)

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Subscription Box Your Baby Will Love (Review + Giveaway)

As a Play IQ Mum, I'm honoured to be the first parents in Singapore to receive Fisher-Price Play IQ Box.

It arrived at my doorstep recently and Lauren became the happiest person in the room. Box to open! Sticky tape to tear! Oh wait, the content looks colourful. Oh my gard, am I dreaming? TOYS!!!!! Oh yes, my girl has somehow developed an American accent too. 

The Play IQ box is actually intended for Georgia. It contained the right Fisher-Price toys and products according to her development stage at the moment. 

play IQ box

We received a Stack & Roll Cups, a Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes and a Friendly Flip Phone - all of which Lauren immediately appropriated.

 good baby present

As for me, I'm probably happiest to receive this Stack & Roll Cup. I read long time ago, when I had no idea what to do with Lauren, stacking and sorting out sizes helps children to work with their hands and fingers while developing their thinking skills.

 good baby present

I used to make do with plastic takeaway containers, and while that worked for a while, it didn't hold Lauren's attention for very long. It also completely back fired on me because since then, she thought everything from the kitchen are toys.

Lauren is totally cheating here by stacking them up according to numbers. Oh well, early number and order recognition for the 2 years old, I guess.

play IQ box
The bowls could also be matched as pairs and snug fit to make balls. This kept Lauren occupied for a good 20 minutes... which for a toddler, that's like eternity.

awesome baby toys
Meanwhile, Georgia is trying to figure out where the musical rhymes comes from. A new rhyme comes on every time you flip the page, so expect a lot of flipping action with this musical book.

It has 6 pages of catchy music and rhymes. So catchy that it is still playing in my head now.. the ants go marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah... 

 good baby present

The kids already have an actual iPhone (pointing over to their dad) and like a million other toy phones, so they aren't really into the Friendly Flip Phone. Of course, Georgia tries to eat this one too.

Otherwise, it is quite a good toy for a young child to practise sensory and fine motor skills. You know, by pressing buttons and flipping it open and shut. Oh don't worry, Georgia couldn't actually fit any part of the phone into her mouth, so she is safe.

 good baby present,

Giveaway Time!

You know me, I always want to share the joy with my dear readers.. or in this case, your children. I have a Fisher-Price Play IQ Box to giveaway. Just follow these steps to enter:

1. Find out your child's Play IQ persona here.
2. Like my Facebook Page.
3. Tell me what your child's Play IQ persona is on my Facebook post, here.
4. Share on your Facebook wall to gain an extra entry.

Contest ends 15 April 2015, 23:59 hours. Winner will be announced here and on my Facebook page the next day.

Update: Congratulations to Avalene Tan. Please drop me an email with your mailing address and contact number. Fisher-Price has some new toys for your baby!

If you'd like to know more about Play IQ box and how you can get one delivered to your doorstep, here are the Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Play IQ Box?
Play IQ Box is a box containing recommended tools of development and entertainment from Fisher-Price - all tailored to your child's age. It comes with 2 options:

- A one-time subscription where you'll receive a box with suitable toys for your baby's age. I think this makes a great gift for friend's kids too; or
- A full subscription, in which you'll receive a box every 3 months till the end of your subscription term.

What items are included in a Play IQ Box?
Each box contains a combination of 1 – 3 Play IQ toys and/or products. Each box is thoughtfully crafted according to your child’s age and development. Each item is unique from anything Fisher-Price will send in the subsequent boxes. Every item is something that your child will need to develop his / her Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills.

How do I subscribe for a Play IQ Box?
Go to playiqbox.comSelect the child’s age, gender and the box subscription plan you’d like. Write a message on the box if you want to personalize the gift. Fill in the delivery information and payment details, and then you're ready to go! All subscription plans are paid for upfront.

Hope this has been helpful. I think the Play IQ Box is a perfect gift idea when you have no idea what to get for a child, yours and others.

PS: Find out what is your child's Play IQ and how to support his/her development stages here.

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