Today is our fourth wedding anniversary!

 I met Nick 10 years ago when I was on holiday in Sydney, Australia. It was in February 2004, a girls’ trip with my friend, Jasmine because we were both dateless on Valentines Day that year.

Anyway, we met Nick at a bar on a Friday night where a mutual friend was having his birthday party. He asked for my number, and he called me on Sunday. He actually waited 3 days, haha.

We agreed to meet for coffee and dinner the following week. Jasmine tagged along to those dates, I can’t desert her to go out with some guy I just met, right? Needless to say, Nick was charming enough to both of us that I was immediately smitten.

From then on, I spent most of my 3 weeks holiday with him. We agreed to go steady just before I went home to Kuala Lumpur and he had already booked his ticket to come see me the following month. By June, I was moving to Sydney to be with him. A risky move but deep down, I think I knew he was the one.

Our very first photo together, taken after our 2nd date.
When Nick visited me in KL for the first time, he was subjected to a 5 hour karaoke session with me and my friends. Ultimate test of patience!
Christmas BBQ in his backyard. We were very proud of how yummy the massive trout turned out on the barbie. 
Waiting for the boat at Hervey Bay 2007
Paris! I tirelessly went from shops to shops while he sat at a cafe sipping beer and people watching. (Probably checking out those effortlessly beautiful French women!) I’m not complaining, I got my shopping time. We complement each other like that.
Our first ZoukOut together. I was working, he was partying.
How’s this for a family portrait? Osaka, Japan 2009
At a restaurant right after THE proposal. No, he didn’t do it in the restaurant. It was done in private in our suite at Lebua Hotel, Bangkok. See how happy I looked! 
My 30th birthday trip turned out to be a surprise when Nick arranged all my bridesmaids from overseas to be there too.
Saying our own vows. Best day of my life. Sydney, 2010.
Tonight we are having a simple dinner at La Forketta. I’m meeting him there, so it’ll be like a date. Only difference is Lauren’s coming along too 🙂
Happy Anniversary, Nick. I love you.
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