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My Trip To London Weight Management


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I visited London Weight Management last week. “What? Why? But you are so skinny!” – yes, I hear you. That was exactly what my helper said when I told her where I was heading that afternoon. While I may look ‘skinny’ because of my long limbs, my waist and tummy have always been my main concern. Muffin tops and jelly belly. Even more so after 2 pregnancies.

So when London Weight Management invited me for a review session, I was curious to find out what exactly happens during a slimming treatment.

I arrived at their outlet on the dot at the appointed time. After less than a minute wait, I was ushered to get my height and weight taken. Consultant-therapist, Glynnis explained that for my height, the ideal weight is 52.2kg but my current weight of 54.1kg is still okay lah – her exact words. After which, we went through a list of health and eating habits questionnaires, which I figured is to determine if the Lavender Lipo Treatment is suitable for me.

She also kindly explained how fats are accumulated in our body and how each step of the treatment is targeted towards inches and fat loss. By then, I was anxious to get started and see some results.

So let’s get started and I’ll explain how each step works as we go along.


Step 1: Aroma Steam Bath (15 minutes)

Individual steam bath cubicles are provided. None of those awkward moment of being half naked in front of other customers. I was free to relax in the comfort of my private steam cubicle. This step is supposed to soften dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and open up pores for better product absorption.

Step 2: Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment (30 minutes)

I was thoroughly scrubbed with Lavender Sea Salt Scrub and then wrapped up like a dumpling with The Infrared Warm Blanket here. It was nice having someone scrubbed my back, legs and all those hard to reach areas.

My skin isn’t sensitive but the salt scrub feels a tad coarse and may be unsuitable for someone with sensitive skin. If you do, please tell your consultant-therapist. She will be able customise the best treatment accordingly.

I’m not a sweaty person. I could run a mile and not break a sweat. But under the blanket, I perspired buckets. I felt sweats dripping off my body. I imagined all those toxin oozing out at the same time. By the end of it, there were small pools of water underneath my body.

It took a while getting used to the Infrared Warm Blanket though. It was reaaaaally hot. At one point, I was worried if I die from dehydration. Well, that’s what you get when you leave me alone – my imagination runs wild. Eventually, I found myself slowly letting go and drifted off to sleep.

This step is supposed to help with reducing water retention and increasing metabolic rate.


Step 3: Electrical Muscle Stimulation (45 minutes)

After a shower to rinse off the sweat and sea salt, I was brought into another room for this treatment. Fat burn ampoule was rubbed on targeted areas like my tummy, love handles, thighs and arms. Then, flat pads that sends small currents of glavanic waves that help build lean muscle mass and quicken fat-burning was attached to those areas too.

Basically this machine does all the exercising for you. You could just lie back and sleep if you want. Perfect for people who hates working out.

Was it uncomfortable? A little. But was it painful? No at all. Early disclaimer: I’m a wuss, in case you are wondering if I have high pain tolerance.

Apparently, some people lose 8-22cm around the body instantly with this treatment.

So did I lose any inches? Can I see or feel any difference?

slimming centre singapore

Ta-da! You can see here that I lost a total of 8cm and 600g. Not bad for one treatment.

Could it be just water weight? Will the inches stay off? I guess that would be hard to tell with only one session. Of course, a long-term treatment should be done along with a healthy lifestyle and diet too.

I like that the Lavender Slimming Treatment uses 100% natural botanical formulations. You will also be assigned one professionally trained dedicated therapist throughout the whole treatment package. She will provide advice, monitor your progress and customise your treatment according to your progress and individual body condition.


The Lavender Slimming Treatment is exclusively for first-time female customers who are troubled by:
– Overall Weight Gain
– Genetic Obesity
– Post-natal Weight Gai
– Flabby Arms
– Bulging Tummy
– Heavy Thighs
– Cellulite

– Water Retention

To find out if the treatment is suitable for you, call London Weight Management at their hotline: 6222 1234

London Weight Management
10 outlets nationwide
Monday – Saturday 11am to 9 pm
Sunday 11am to 8 pm

Public Holidays 11am to 7pm

Alternatively, you can redeem a FREE session on Sample Store here:

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