This post is part of a blog train on 5 ways to engage our children using Bilingual English/Mandarin book, “Ariel and Her Honesty Pig” book. Last week, Marc from The Wacky Duo shared how the book teaches his two adorable sons about friendship. I, on the other hand, find the book a good start for teaching Lauren the concept of counting in Chinese.

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Bilingual children are apparently smarter, according to this post. I say apparently because my kids don’t speak another language besides English and I sure hope that doesn’t mean they are dumber. But then again it is on the internet, so it must be true.

Joking aside, I’ve always wanted both Lauren and Georgia to be able to speak a few languages. You make much deeper connections with others when you can speak their mother tongue. In this case, it would be Chinese.

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I find Ariel and Her Honesty Pig book a good start for teaching children Mandarin/Chinese. The bilingual picture book tells the story of honesty and friendship through Meng Meng and An An’s care for Ariel. It has flip­up flaps with the top showing Chinese Characters and Han Yu Pin Yin (Chinese Phonics) and hidden below the flaps are the English Words. This encourages native English readers like me to focus on the Chinese first instead of reading off the English words to understand the story.


The book is suitable for 3 to 6 years old. For now, Lauren (who’s 2.5 years old with zero Chinese exposure prior to this) is more interested in the bite-sized flaps with just a few words, than the long paragraphs of storyline. These words, often highlight the ‘number of things’ mentioned in the storyline are available on each double spread throughout the book.



The large character enables character tracing by finger. A very effective way to learn Chinese character. And hidden below each flap contains the English words and a simple illustration of the words.





The book also comes with an audio CD, which is very helpful for me. This is because I can’t read Chinese characters and Hanyu Pinyin, although I can speak Mandarin. With the CD, at least I know I’m pronouncing each character correctly.



The book also teaches kids to be accepting and respectful. The next mom on the blog train –Beverly will share how the book teaches her sons on being different and that every child is unique. Watch out for her post in 2 days!


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