Shortly after this post, my fellow mummy bloggers at Singapore Mom Bloggers have expressed interest in writing the same. Hence, we’re starting a ‘How I Met Your Father’ blogtrain! For the next 3 weeks, each mummy blogger takes turn to share their love story on their blog.

18 April: Michelle –
19 April: Serene –
20 April: Danessa –
21 April: Cherry –
22 April: Angie Yeow –
23 April: Dawn –
24 April: Ashlyn –
25 April: Jacqualine –
26 April: Summer Goh –
27 April Mabel Lee –
28 April: Jacqeline Ho –
29 April: Evelyn –
30 April: Janice Wong –
1 May: Liang May –
2 May: Madeline Heng –
3 May: Winnie Lee –

So without further ado, I’m linking back to my blog post on how I met Nick while on a holiday. Yes, it was a bit of a holiday fling thing but no sordid details, y’all. This is a family friendly blog 🙂


Recently, you must have read about the famous ‘cardboard police’, Ryan getting hitched with his wife in Blue? Next on the blog train, Serene from Xavvy-licious share how she met and end up marrying her ‘poster boy’ in Blue.

Cue music. Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree….