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Day In A Life (For A Stay-At-Home Mumpreneur With Two Kids And A Newborn)

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When Justina of Mum In The Making suggested a Day In The Life blog train back in August, I thought why not, it’ll be fun see how my life has changed since my last entry. And boy, had it reaaaally changed!

Silly silly me. What I had not considered was how much time the newborn would be stuck at my breasts and how little time I would have left for myself, let alone documenting my day. I should know since he isn’t my first baby but an optimist is me! Which got me into the pickle that I’m in at the moment. Deadlines of commissioned articles to write, research to do, clients to handle, home errands to run, this post and oh, the kids. Yes, always the kids.

Anyway, let me try hashing this day in my life post out real quick. Forgive me if the timing and details are iffy for I’m surviving with little sleep and it’s pretty amazing that I’m still able to type.

4.30am / 6:00am / 7:30am is when I’m actually awake enough to check/change the baby’s diaper and feed him back to sleep. Any earlier feed – I’m basically stuffing my breast into his mouth in my sleep. I barely remember those feeds, let alone the timing.

9:45am is when I dragged myself out of the room to say goodbye to Lauren. My helper takes her to preschool every morning while I stay home with Georgia and Will. This is also when I brush my teeth and pile on skincare products on my face in attempts to delay ageing.

Georgia is extremely fond of her baby brother. I can’t really accomplish much during this time except trying to fend her off and saving Will from being crushed by her smothering kisses and diving hugs.

11:00am is when my helper comes back home. Yay! I can finally have a breather and have a cup of yogurt / an apple / bircher muesli / peanut butter toast for breakfast. Before you say, wah so healthy, I top it up with dry Milo throughout the day. I need the sugar!

1:00pm: I plan our daily meals and these days I use Honestbee to deliver my grocery. Gone are the days when I get to leisurely browse the shopping aisle. I guess I could still do that but I just can’t be arsed carrying heavy grocery home all by myself.

Lunch is cooked by my helper and she leaves to pick Lauren up from school. I’m left alone again with 2 little humans. I feed Georgia while nursing baby Will. He is plonked on the nursing pillow on my lap leaving my hands free to feed her sister.

2:00 – 6:00pm: Lauren comes home and we have lunch together. This is when I go out for events or meetings with sponsors or clients, which is pretty rarely these days because I have a milk monster who needs my boobs every two hours. Also, engorgement isn’t fun!

I realised there isn’t a photo of me looking decent in this post. So I’m sneaking this one in, taken that one time when I scrubbed up for a pampering day out. Mummy needed a break! Full review up soon!

If i’m home, it is mostly work, work, work with pauses in between to attend to whichever child screams the loudest. On a good day, Georgia naps and Lauren entertains herself while I work. The baby? He hangs out in his cot and hollers when he needs milk.

Otherwise, we’ll have one big party on my bed. That’s the only way I can have all kids within arm’s reach and answer my emails at the same time.

6pm: Lauren and Georgia get a bit restless at this point from being caged at home, so I release them into the wild! Off to “Mr Swing” we go. And when Mr Swing can’t go any faster than we tell him to, we just run around chasing birds. Sometimes my helper takes over this important activity while I have some quiet time with Will.

7:30 – 8:30pm is when we have our dinner. Nothing fancy. Usually rice with 3 dishes or pasta or our staple, grilled chicken with vegetables.

8:30pm to 10:00pm is when we spend time as a family. The scene is familiar every night. Nick and I sitting on the couch with baby Will either asleep or nursing on my lap. The girls running around the couch, chasing or hitting each other, or belting out songs repeatedly like a broken record, or putting on some shows for Nick’s and my amusement.

10:00pm is when I send both girls to bed. I lay down with Lauren for about 10 to 15 minutes before she falls asleep while Georgia knocks herself out with a bottle of milk. Not literally. I’m sure you know what I mean.

10:30pm to 12/1am is parents’ party time!!!!!!! Nah… it’s when we finally have some peace and quiet to watch some quality tv shows (The Bachelor, anyone??) or work on our respective computers while snacking on stuff we’ve been hiding from the kids. These times are gold for our sanity, people. Seriously, I only watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette when the intellectual stuff like House of Cards and Homeland are off-season. I know you are already judging me.

I go to bed between 12 to 1am, which is about now. Good night and thanks for reading!


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