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Sharp Ultrasonic Washer Review


I have a new obsession. Stains. Big stain, small stain, old and new, I do not discriminate. I’ve dug out all my kids’ clothes that haven’t been worn because of old stubborn stains. I asked my helper to set aside clothes stained with sauce, crayon marks and what have you and I would diligently remove them one by one with my new toy – the Sharp Ultrasonic Washer.

Alright, I used to hate dealing with stains, just like a normal person. I was so lazy to deal with them, I had let my kids wear dirty looking clothes. My reasoning was that it’s bound to get more stains. After all, spills and splatters are part and parcel of having children. They’re not to be blamed, they merely take after their clumsy mummy.

When Sharp sent me their new Portable Ultrasonic Washer to review, I was excited but sceptical. I’m not particularly domesticated but I do know that stains are a bitch to remove.

I got to admit – the washer does look good – sleek and sexy. When you open the box, you can find…

… the Ultrasonic Washer, a bag for storing the washer when it is not in use, a sponge for wetting the stains when you are out of the house and a USB cable for charging the built-in rechargeable battery.

What is Sharp Ultrasonic Washer?

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is a revolutionary new way to treat spot stains on clothing without damaging fabrics. The tip of the washer produces ultrasonic vibration up to 38,000 strokes/ sec for speedy stain removal.

The ultrasonic vibrations produce micro bubbles in waves which are able to break and remove dirt in stains in seconds.

Does it work?

I wasn’t too sure either. I knew I wanted to shoot a video to show the effectiveness of the washer, so I did a test run with Georgia’s dress. I thought I may need to soak the dress first if the stain doesn’t come off immediately. To my surprise, the sauce spots on Georgia’s dress came off effortlessly on the first trial! I wasn’t prepared for it to work so quickly, I didn’t even take the ‘before’ photo of the dress.

So it worked on a day old stain. What about a 2-months old magic colour stain? Well, I did warn you about how lazy I really am with stains *cringe sheepishly*

Again, I put the spot under a bit of water. This time, I rubbed it with soap, hand soap to be precise, because it was right there within reach. And it worked again. Amazing!

From that point on, I became obsessed. Bring me Nick’s shirts with stained collars! That old onesies stained with banana puree! Ohh.. the sofa cover marked with ink!

And I haaaad to show you how it works with a video (just don’t tell Nick I smeared chilli sauce on his shirt!):

I really like how easy it is to use the Ultrasonic Washer. Just soak, trace and rinse. All done in less than 3 minutes. The days of rubbing stains endlessly trying to get it out are OVER for me. It is perfect for pre-treating stains before chucking it into the machine washing.

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is also very portable. It is cordless with USB rechargeable battery. You can keep one at work for coffee spills but make sure your office has a dryer too because you will need to wet the clothing for this to work.

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer retails at $199 and is currently available at any SHARP authorised dealer shops. For enquiries and more information, you can contact SHARP Singapore.


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