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Magical Moment at Disney On Ice


We had an amazing time watching The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice last night and while I’m still on a high, I figure I might as well do a recap right now. It’s hard to not type, type, type when there are so much to share, right? Right.

Thanks for Feld Entertainment, we were treated to the Magical Moment experience at Disney On Ice, which was truly wondrous for Lauren and Georgia. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen them so obediently seated in their chairs for almost 2 hours.

Priority Entrance Access

The girls decided to go as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. So it was only fitting that their royal magical evening started with a priority entrance into the stadium, via the Premier Entrance, and not having to queue up amongst the commoners. I do realise I’m totally spoiling them but hey, if you are going for a treat, might as well go all the way.

Crowd-free Merchandise Shopping Opportunity

This perk is rather subjective. You get to browse and buy Disney merchandise and snacks 30 minutes before the general doors open. Even if you don’t arrive earlier, I found that the stalls at the Premier entrance aren’t as busy as the ones at the main hall anyway. If you’re planning to buy some Disney merchandise, the priority, no queue, pleasant, unhurried shopping experience is certainly a plus. However, if you’re not planning to buy anything, I suggest you avoid going to the stalls. We all know how tough it is to say no to the kids.

VIP Lanyard and Poster

VIP, yo! We had ours last year too and let’s just say they are still well-kept and looked at lovingly from time-to-time. You’ll also get a poster to bring home, so you can relive the Disney magic months after the show. I particularly like that it reminds the girls what a great mum I am for taking them to the show. It works wonders as bribes to make them do chores too.

First Row Rinkside Seat

This, of course, is one of the main reasons for the Magical Moment package! We sat on the 9th row last year and while we had a good view and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it had nothing on being seated closest to the rink. We were able to see the characters up close and guess who gets the most interaction from the cast? I had a “Who? Me?” moment when Woody totally waved at me at one point.

We were seated so close, it felt like we were on the set at times. The children went wild during Frozen’s snowing scenes. We had snows practically falling into our laps.

Magical Disney Moments

The show itself was entertaining and enchanting.

After a short intro by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, the show kicked off with The Lion King where we saw Simba lost his dad and found love with Nala. The moment Simba becomes King and the Land of Pride rejoice was touching and so moving, I almost had tears in my eyes.

Then we travelled to the world of Aladdin with Genie and Princess Jasmine. How amazing is that elephant?

I know I’m focusing on the wrong thing here. It should be about the princesses, right? Yes. Princesses. The girls’ eyes lit up every time a princess appeared and they would excitedly tell me the name of the princess. It never gets old. I felt so happy seeing them excited!

You can hear the crowd squealed with delight when the Seven Drawfs took center stage (rink), or maybe it was just me. So excited, I forgot to snap photos! I love Disney classics. So I loved that The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice included classics like Snow White, Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid.

And then, we had the finale of the first half of the show where all princesses and their princes came out to play. The routine was high energy, romantic and magical. It’s so Disney!

After the intermission, Finding Dory was live for the first time on ice. I love that our first-row seats provide such proximity to the rink, I could even see the expression on Dory’s face.

To give you some context, the shell reminded her of her long lost parents. Awww…..

And then it was Frozen. The city of Arendelle came to live in front of our eyes. The heartwarming story of love between the two sisters was condensed and told in the last thirty minutes of the show. I like that they included almost all the memorable scenes and lines from the movie.

This is awkward. No, you’re not awkward, you’re gorgeous.

This scene was still so funny after I’ve seen the movie for, I’ve lost count, a hundred times maybe? Seeing it coming to live on ice is amazing – so different, yet so familiar.

There is something about the combination of skating and music which makes it very beautiful. I love Do You Want to Build a Snowman on iceI found myself singing along to all the songs. Yes, even to Let It Go, which been butchered to death by Lauren and Georgia at home for the past four years. FOUR YEARS! Yet, I didn’t mind it at all and I could tell everyone was waiting for the big number as well. It didn’t disappoint.

Who could fault the part where Elsa finally lets herself go? Pure magic. There was smoke and falling snow and a big cloth fell from the ‘sky’ when Elsa emerged in her beautiful dress.

The show was fantastic, to say the least.  We were captivated by the performers waltzing and whizzing on the ice. My photos don’t do any justice to the show at all. You have to watch it!

Post-show Meet & Greet

Our magical moment didn’t end with the show. Lauren explained it best to her daddy when we got home, “And finally, the best part was we get to meet and take photos with Buzz and Woody from The Toy Story after the show!”

After yesterday, there will only be ONE more Magical Moments package happening this Friday (that’s tomorrow!), 17 March, the 6:30 PM show. Don’t miss out. Book your Wonderful World of Disney On Ice tickets here.

All Show Dates and Timings:

15 March 2017 (Wed): 6.30pm
16 March 2017 (Thur): 6.30pm
17 March 2017 (Fri): 2.30pm, 6.30pm
18 March 2017 (Sat): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm
19 March 2017 (Sun): 10.30am, 2.30pm, 6.30pm

Disney On Ice

Tickets can be purchased from Singapore Sports Hub website, with family friendly tickets starting at $25.

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