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Nutox Is Available In Singapore Now!


This mama had a rather fun and I dare say, educational weekend a couple of weeks ago. I learned the secret of younger looking skin. I left the kids at home and flew to Kuala Lumpur for an exclusive interview with Nancy Wu!!

Nancy who? Well, that was my initial reaction when my agency told me about the opportunity. Forgive me as I don’t watch much television -my kids hog the TV all day, every day. Anyway, if you google Nancy Wu, you’ll most likely recognise her.

To cut the story short, I, along with Mongchin and Xin Lin, arrived at the interview location. We were prepping for the questions to ask, when suddenly they announced that Nancy had arrived and in walked this magnetic woman, immediately commanding the entire room’s attention with her glow and grace. She looked like she’s in her mid-twenties.

Scored a selfie!

During the short interview, Nancy Wu won me over with her charm and professionalism. I’m a total fan now. What struck me the most was her skin – firm, glowing, nary a hint of fine lines. Oh, have I mentioned that she’s only a year younger than me? How can she look so good? I’m pretty sure you’d want to know because trust me, I’m not that generous with compliments. So when I say I may have freaked her out by staring a lil too hard at her, I’m not exaggerating.

The secret to Nancy Wu’s young looking skin


Yep, that’s really all you need to know. Nancy Wu is Nutox’s ambassador and a religious user of their anti-ageing range for the past 3 years. If you’ve never heard of Nutox, it’s because it will only be available in Singapore for the first time from 14 September 2017 onwards.

Nutox is the 1st skin care range using Bird’s Nest as the key ingredient to promote youthfulness. Nutrients extracted from bird’s nest, a proven traditional remedy, are combined with advanced technology to help cellular regeneration and improve our skin condition. All their products are free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Colorant, and Alcohol.

Upon hearing how simple and uncomplicated Nancy Wu’s Nutox routine is, I was dying to get started on the goodness. If it works for her, I sure hope it works for me!


My experience with Nutox

As a busy working mother with three young children, I’m always on the lookout for great skin products. We all know how amazing it feels when you have a ‘good skin day’ – you wake up in the morning, check your reflection and – no matter how superficial it may sound – it goes a long way in helping you to feel confident.

Great skin = less makeup = more time for my family and business.

I’ve been using Nutox skincare products since my return from the pre-launch event in Kuala Lumpur. It’s been all of seven days and I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing.

Pre cleanser

Firstly, if I have makeup on, I would use Nutox Pre Cleanser. It has a lotion like consistency. I smear it on my face, including the eye area, let it sit for a few seconds and wipe off using cotton pads. I like that it doesn’t contain any alcohol, so it removes makeup and unwanted impurities without drying out my skin.

Cleansing Gel and Foam

For cleansing, you get two choices. I use Nutox Cleansing Gel because of my dry skin and it’s the milder version of the two. But if you’re the type who doesn’t feel clean without washing with lather, the cleansing foam is the way to go.

Moisturising Lotion and Astringent Toner

Next is one of my favourite products of the range – the Moisturising Lotion. My skin feels instantly nourished and supple upon application, no kidding. I pour a little on my palms and pat it onto my face, as gently as I could. This mama is pretty rough. Haha! The Moisturising Lotion provides a good base for my skin for the next crucial step in my routine – serum!

I didn’t use the Astringent Toner but I was told that it refines and tightens pores. You could use it as a face mist throughout the day to refesh your face, with and without makeup on.

Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate

The star product of the Nutox range, the Advanced Serum Concentrate promises ‘Look Your Youngest in 7 Days’. Nancy Wu mentioned that she keeps a bottle in her bag and reapplies it throughout the day. It keeps her looking fresh despite long shooting hours and frequent travel. Sounds exactly like what I need for my hectic schedule too.

Most skincare products suggest usage for weeks, if not months before you can really see results – but I am pretty impatient, and if I’m spending my money on skincare, I want results pronto.

Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is packed with 2x more bird’s nest collagen to reduce deep lines and wrinkles. This is because bird’s nest collagen replenishes collagen, protein and EGF, whilst ActiGenic+ boosts genes activity to produce more collagen and elastin.

It’s a light serum that absorbs easily and preps your skin beautifully for moisturising.

Whilst the overall positive results of Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is definitely most visible after you’ve been using it for a while, I immediately noticed how firm and hydrated my skin looked for adding this product into my skincare routine. I took the before/after photos on day one and day seven to see for myself whether the serum does what it promises.

What do you think?

On first glance, I thought, “Oh no, not much difference.” But upon closer inspection, I can see it. Overall, skin looks smoother, firmer with an evener skin tone. The skin around my eyes are more lifted – even the triple eye lids (read: droopy) on my right eyes are gone. How is that even possible?

Granted, I have a smaller smile in the ‘after’ photo but my dark eyes circles and fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes are obviously lighter and less visible. I’m actually quite shocked looking at the photos as I write this review now. I took both photos in the morning, right after I applied Nutox products. It looks as though I have applied my foundation applied on Day 7 but I swear I didn’t.

I must say the serum did what it promised and SO much more! Oh my gawd.. I’m so excited to see how my skin gets even better the longer I use the serum.

Serum vs Moisturiser

One of the biggest misconceptions about serum is that you don’t really need it if you have a good moisturiser. Not true.

Moisturiser provides moisture and works on the skin surface as a barrier, so you won’t lose your natural skin moisture. A good serum is what you need if you want to see any significant improvement in your skin texture. Serums usually have smaller molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin and in this case – with Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate – it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

One instance of a serum giving you a younger looking skin: In a company study, 98% of 118 women experienced LESS appearance of wrinkles and SMALLER pore size while 97% found less fine lines after using Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate for only 7 days.

If you don’t have a serum in your routine, Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is a good one to add to your beauty regime. Thank me later 😀

Eye Refiner

This one is da bomb! Look at the before/after photo above. Working late into nights and midnight feedings (baby Will still wake up at night!) had my eyes looking like a panda’s more often than I like.

I’m excited to have found an eye cream that works. Nutox Eye Refiner contains bird’s nest & natural botanical extracts Shadownyl™. It boosts protein level to banish fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. I find massaging my eyes gently with the lightweight eye cream, focusing a little more on the lower inner corner really helps with reducing dark circles. Try it!

Anti Ageing Cream

Finally, the moisturiser is non-greasy and it melts into my skin easily. The formula rebuilds the bonds between collagen & elastin to give us a firmer, younger-looking skin. It also offers lifting & long-term anti-wrinkle effects upon application. Nutox Anti-Ageing Cream is available in 3 variants – Day Cream, Night Cream and Moisture Emulsion for those with oily and combination skin.


Overall thoughts

Whilst I advocate taking care of your skin in many different ways – your diet, exercise, sleep cycle and stress levels – on the product front, Nutox is one of the best affordable skincare ranges I have come to know. Most anti-ageing products tend to be oily and heavy, I like that Nutox products feel light on the skin – very suitable for our climate.

I’m excited that my skin is younger looking now and it has definitely improved the consistency of ‘good skin days’ for me. I can’t wait for you to hopefully try them yourself!



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