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Will is ONE

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My dear baby Will,

Although I’ve done this before, it’s hard to imagine that barely a year ago, you were a preemie who weighed a mere 2.6kg. Everything about you was so small, so precious, so fragile. And today, you turned one (plus one week because mummy is tardy and didn’t get around to write this post earlier).

You are now the happiest and most active little baby I’ve ever met. Okay, maybe I’ve not met that many babies, but my goodness, you’re ALWAYS moving, toddling, running, climbing and falling over. Rinse and repeat. You’re unstoppable, not even after a fall. You’re never deterred by bumps and cuts.

You’re also a sweet little boy who likes to cuddle. You run to mummy and daddy every time we walk through the door, sometimes a little too hard you bump your face on our legs.

You may not remember, but mummy and daddy threw a big-ish party to celebrate your birthday last week. I was tempted to buy a cake and call it a day but we had parties to celebrate your sisters’ first birthdays, so it feels unfair if we don’t do yours.

Hence, 3 weeks before your big day, I finally got my act together and looked up venues. We went with District 10 at UE Square in the end because we knew it is relatively quiet and they have a giant jumping castle out on weekends. I bought a few balloons on the way to the restaurant, River Ash Bakery dropped off the cake and desserts and we were ready to party!

Jumping castle and balloons kept the kids occupied while the adults helped themselves to bar food and drinks. Yes, alcohol was involved.

Of course, the kids could sniff their way back to the table when there’s pizza, nachos and fries.

You were having a tender moment here with grand-aunt Irene.

You’re utterly adored by your sisters. Lauren thinks you’re the cutest baby ever and Georgia takes you under her wings because, with you, she’s the big sister.

The excitement when you get to ‘drive’ for the first time.

That forced smile on Georgia’s face. She’s been grumpy because firstly, naptime. Secondly, strangers. Thirdly, three years old’s shyness when people approach her. So to get a smile out of her was quite a feat.

We got you a unicorn stallion cake because it’s very popular now (not gonna lie) but it also symbolises love, purity and innocence – just as you are now. Also, daddy is in the start-up business, it may take him a while to get his business to become a unicorn, but with you, we already have a unicorn.

River Ash Bakery also kindly provided yummylicious cupcakes for kids who couldn’t wait until the cake cutting ceremony, mini fruit tarts which I may have popped a few into my mouth before everyone arrived, and maracons.

Oh, these macarons received the highest of compliments. It had everyone guessing the flavour because mummy didn’t have the slightest idea. Haha.. I just left it to the baker to ‘surprise me’! The best we could come up with was pistachio with a light rose after-taste. We could be totally wrong. Whatever the flavour was, it didn’t matter because these were completely demolished by the time the party was over.

Side note to my readers: River Ash Bakery is offering you 10% off any cakes on their website. Use code “thechillmom10” when you place an order. The discount code is valid until 31 Dec 2017!

I’m also extremely pleased that I ordered the chocolate cookies jars from Sweetest Moments to give away as door gifts. Both adults and kids loved them. The cookies are crispy on the outside, with gooey, melted choc chip on the inside. Satisfyingly good as a special treat!

Most importantly, I didn’t have to spend hours buying and filling goodie bags with stuff that people toss out the moment they get home. The jar can be recycled and reused for many purposes and the customised label reminded everyone that you’re the reason we got together in celebration.

Mandatory family shot gone wrong. You grabbed the steak knife we were going to use to cut your cake! I reckon this photo will go down in history.

Ahh… finally a nice family photo where (almost) everyone is looking into the camera.

Lastly, not forgetting the badass Facebook invite that your daddy designed for his boy’s one-year-old party!

(Yep, no one were dressed to the theme.)

Happy birthday, my darling boy!

Love always,


(And thank you, everyone, who came to celebrate Will’s birthday with us. Not forgetting those who left birthday wishes for Will on my Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and email, I read every single message and I thank you for your kind thoughts. As always, thanks for reading my blog.)


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