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Superior Solutions for Kitchen Spring Cleaning + a Giveaway (or Two)!

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With Chinese New Year quickly approaching, it is time to start your annual spring cleaning. As a mum, it is hard to keep the house clean and the kitchen organised. But, if you can find ways to organise your kitchen, you will save yourself time (and headaches) in the new year.

Mums, we already have our hands full trying to make sure our kids are safe and healthy. But, when our kitchens become cluttered, it opens the doors to chaos. Instead, let’s aim to make this year the year we take control of the kitchen. Fortunately, companies like IUIGA make it easy to declutter and organise your kitchen. I’m happy to introduce you to some of the products that are saving my sanity and helping me start the new year off right.


Superior Solutions for Kitchen Cleaning in Anticipation of the Chinese New Year


Essentials for Storing Food and Spices

You can’t begin to organise your kitchen if you don’t have the right storage containers. Instead of having food boxes clutter your pantry or leftovers take over your fridge, use food containers in a variety of sizes to keep food fresh and save space.

IUIGA has 600 ml, 800 ml, and 1500 ml food containers that I love. They are clear and designed for easy stacking. You can easily see what you have stored inside the container, and you can save space. On hindsight though, perhaps these rectangle ones are more shelf space efficient if you know what I mean.

Also, the food containers are eco-friendly and BPA free, which is so important as mums are trying to protect their little ones from potential toxins. They keep your food fresh and safe. With the different sizes, I have found several ways to use them to make my life easier and my kitchen cleaner. For example, they work well for leftovers, lunches, and basic storage. They are airtight with a convenient vacuum-release button, to keep my food fresh for longer.


Essentials for Spices and Dressings

Have you ever had the experience of searching through a cluttered spice cabinet trying to find that one spice? It is so frustrating! That’s why I love IUIGA’s herbs and spices condiment rack. These clear, glass jars make it easy to see the spices you use the most without having to search through a cluttered spice drawer or cabinet. And, it’s sleek, compact design saves space and will look great in anyone’s kitchen. In fact, I think they look good enough even on the dining table.

And, if you are like me, you love a nice dressing, but you hate the mess. I hate when I fix a healthy salad and feel so proud of myself – only to see the mess I left behind on my counter. So, I was thrilled to find IUIGA’s oil & vinegar dripless dispenser. Not only is it mess-free, it also measures the amount you want. No more overpouring!


Essentials for Cleaning After You Cook

Once you have organized your kitchen and flavoured your food, you need some cleaning tools. I’m a fan of investing in quality products that will last, which is why IUIGA’s silicone sponges and odour-free soap caught my attention.

IUIGA’s colourful, fun-shaped silicone sponges get the job done. All those little silicone nubs get into all the small crevices when you are cleaning. And, you can clean everything with these sponges! They are versatile and long-lasting. My sponge is still just as bright and octagon-shaped as when I first used it.

Then, I tried their odour-free soap, and it is a game-changer! For anyone who cooks using smelly ingredients (garlic, onions, fish, etc.), you need this stainless-steel soap. After you cook foods that tend to leave an odour behind on your hands, you simply rub the odour-free, stainless-steel soap in your hands under cold water and the smell disappears!


Giveaway Time!

After adding these unique, quality products to my kitchen, I am already feeling lucky. Want to feel lucky too? I am doing a giveaway for 2 bundles for 2 separate winners. 2 lucky winners will win a bundle worth $43.30 that includes the following IUIGA products:

  • 1 x 600 ml Food Container
  • 1 x 800 ml Food Container
  • 1 x 1500 ml Food Container
  • 1 x Antibacterial Silicone Dish Sponge

To enter, create an account with IUIGA and leave a post here on why you would like to win the bundle + the email you used to register for the account. That’s it!

Having an account also means you can refer your friends. Every time someone signs up for a new account through your referral link, they’ll receive $10 off their first purchase over $100 and in return, you’ll receive $10 credits which can be used for future purchases. Win-win! So if you like, you can also sign up via my referral link: 😀

I’ll draw TWO winners next Friday, 23 February! Good luck!


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